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'Sanditon', oh 'Sanditon'. We fell in love with you and then you broke our hearts, much like a Victorian romance. Here are the best 'Sanditon' quotes.

Love ‘Sanditon’? Here are all the very best quotes to live your life by

Sanditon, oh Sanditon. We fell in love with you and then you broke our hearts, much like a Victorian romance. We do hope to be reunited with you once again, but until then we’ll think over the many things you’ve said.

Sanditon has many quotes that are surprisingly relatable for a modern audience, ranging from topics of romance, emotions, and learning about the world. Here we have compiled some of our favorite and most relatable quotes which we will soon be living our lives by. (Yes, most of them are from Charlotte, but she is the main character after all.)

“You are not nearly as unfeeling as you pretend.”
—Charlotte Heywood

You know that is a bold thing to say to someone. Although, it likely could be said to most people these days. We’re all at least a little guarded, and we’re all a little afraid to tell people how we really feel. Charlotte, why did you have to call everyone out like that?

“I want to try everything there is to try.”
—Charlotte Heywood

Charlotte, us too. This little quote seems to encapsulate the idea of wanderlust so easily. It’s only nine words and yet, it so simply describes the desire to flit about, meet new people, see new things, and try new foods. Once this quarantine is over we should all try to make good on this quote.

“I would sooner be naive than insensible of feeling.”
—Charlotte Heywood

Okay, this one may not feel immediately relatable, but honestly, it’s not a bad outlook on life. Truly – being honest with yourself and others about how you feel, would likely make you and those around far happier than if you were world wary.


“I wouldn’t wish for you to change. Not for the world.”
—Young Stringer

There are so many shows in the world where people are secretly trying to change their friends or their significant other, but this? Well, this is a far more healthy outlook on life and the people around you. Love people for who they are, not for what you imagine they could be.

“Can we not rewrite our history? If we find it disagreeable?”
—Charlotte Heywood

I’m not sure there isn’t a person in the world who hasn’t felt this way at some point. If only we could just pretend our pasts didn’t exist.

“If I have changed at all it is in no small part down to you. I have never wanted to put myself in someone else’s power before. I’ve never wanted to care for anyone but myself.”
—Sidney Parker

Okay, so this quote may not have any sage life advice hidden within it, but it sure does make the heart swell. Just imagine someone saying something so heartfelt – it’s enough to make anyone ready to swoon.

Jane Austen really understood what women wanted in a romance story. So much so that all the way in 2020 her works are delighting people. Now, to convince PBS to make season two of Sanditon, so we can have even more delightful dialogue.

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  • This is spot on. The dialogue and story was witty and captivating. It’s a must watch and I absolutely loved it. I hope we get a second season.

    May 7, 2020
  • Love the quotes…another good one is “…I am my best self, my truest self, when I am with you….” Totally swoon-worthy! Now lets #SaveSanditon!

    May 8, 2020
  • You forgot the best one “I a great deal less then perfect. You have made me all to aware of that. But for what ever it’s worth, I believe I am my best self, My truest self, when I’m with you” Sidney Parker

    May 8, 2020
  • I love this article. I only missed: ” I believe I am my best self, my truest self, when I’m with you.”
    Did you join the #sanditonsisterhood yet?

    May 9, 2020
  • Love this! Thank you so much for your support of #Sanditon

    May 9, 2020

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