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Prince Philip found aliens fascinating! Since a young age, the Duke of Edinburgh loved reading about UFOs. Check out what the Duke as reading.

Why was a young Prince Philip obsessed with UFO sightings?

As we all know, the beloved Duke of Edinburgh had many talents including being a polo player. But did you know that Prince Philip actually loved reading & learning about UFOs? Yes, Queen Elizabeth II’s husband was a man who was star struck with the idea of UFOs. See for yourself!


According to Page Six, when Prince Philip was young, he was introduced to the idea when his uncle Lord Mountbatten actually “wrote an official report about a spaceship that reportedly landed on his estate in Romsey, Hampshire, in 1995.” Prince Philip continued learning about UFOs and apparently asked his former assistant Sir Peter Horsley to “collect stories about UFOs from the RAF”. 

And that’s not all, in Sir Peter Horlsey’s thrilling 1997 autobiography Sounds From Another Room, states that he even found the UFOs extremely fascinating thanks to Prince Philip’s interest.

Page Six also noted that Horsley also claimed that he met an alien called “Mr. Janus”. Horsley explained: “He didn’t say he was a visitor from another planet – but I had the impression.”

The former senior Royal Air Force commander Sir Peter Horsley added that Mr. Janus apparently wanted to meet Prince Philip and he actually only had decent memories of the entire situation: “I believe he was here to observe us. I never saw him again. I have no qualms about the reaction to my experience with Mr. Janus.” 

“Flying saucers”

Per i News, former RAF pilot and later founding editor of Flying Saucer Review, Derek Dempster expressed in detail about “allies” like “Sir Peter Horsley, who had been Station Commander at North Weald, and was then equerry to Prince Philip.” 

Dempster expressed: “We received collaboration from Henry Chinnery, who was Horsley’s successor . . . both men had a keen interest in keeping the Palace posted on ‘flying saucers’ and we used to exchange files with them.”

Derek Dempster added: “It was said, at the time, that (Lord) Mountbatten kept lever files of UFO photographs to show visitors on the bridge of the warships when he was at sea”, according to i News

Book collection

On the other hand, Metro reported that Prince Philip had quite the collection of books (approximately twelve or more) on the subject, including Haunted Skies: The Encyclopedia of British UFO’s. In fact, John Hanson told i News: “I’ve got about 12 letters from the Duke’s private secretary that say the prince found the subject interesting.” 

Hanson continued: “I’m quite proud of Prince Philip, why shouldn’t he have been interested in UFOs, because for my goodness sake, that is something we should treat seriously rather than flippantly. It is a phenomenon that has baffled mankind for millennia . . . even Prince Charles is interested in it and Prince William.” 

And no, this wasn’t just while Prince Philip was young, he actually started reading The Halt Perspective just less than two years ago. Page Six stated that the Duke of Edinburgh was very intrigued by the incident known as “Britain’s Roswell” in 1947 when apparently a US Army Air Forces balloon crash landed in New Mexico. 

Prince Philip

Unfortunately, we’ll never get to hear a direct statement from the ninety-nine year old prince as Buckingham Palace announced on April 9th that the Duke of Edinburgh had passed away peacefully at Windsor Castle

According to Sky News, the Prince’s funeral will take place on Saturday April 17th at St George’s Chapel and only thirty members of the royal family & staff will be allowed to attend. However, the UK’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson won’t be attending to “free up” space for another loved one. 

Are you interested in UFOs? Have you seen a UFO? Let us know your phenomenal stories in the comments below. 

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