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Recently, Queen Elizabeth II has been facing several, yet well-hidden, health issues. At 95 years of age, will she retire from the throne? Who will be King?

After leaving the British Royal Family, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle now reside in a California mansion. Do they ever plan on returning to the U.K.?

Jeffrey Epstein victim files a sexual abuse lawsuit against Prince Andrew. Virginia Roberts Giuffre claims the prince participated in sex trafficking abuse.

Today is the birthday of Queen Elizabeth II, but how will the Royal Family in England celebrate just days after Prince Philip's funeral. Find out here.

Prince Philip found aliens fascinating! Since a young age, the Duke of Edinburgh loved reading about UFOs. Check out what the Duke as reading.

Have you heard the news? Meghan Markle is staying in the U.S. with Archie and will not attending Prince Philip's funeral. Here's what's happening.

Archewell has released a quick statement for the late Prince Philip. But what does Queen Elizabeth II think? Here's the organization's statement.

Have Prince Harry and Meghan Markle run out of money? Their GoFundMe page has sparked a lot of rumors. Here's everything about the Sussex campaign.

Has Prince Philip survived his latest surgery? The Duke of Edinburgh is still alive after his heart scare. Here's everything you need to know.