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Wondering if the U.S. can really extradite Prince Andrew for his alleged role in Epstein's crimes? Discover the salacious details here.

Prince Andrew could be arrested for his connection to Epstein: Here’s how

Among the documents released from Ghislaine Maxwell’s civil deposition, the most damning could be about Prince Andrew, Duke of York. These documents are from a 2015 civil suit filed by Virginia Roberts-Guiffre against Ghislaine Maxwell for defamation. They’re being used as evidence in Maxwell’s upcoming trial. 

These documents could implicate Prince Andrew in Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking ring. While the only thing that’s public is a statement by Virginia Roberts-Guiffre, one of Epstein’s victims, the deposition against Ghislaine Maxwell may have more. 

Meanwhile, the U.S. Dept. of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigations are looking to make Prince Andrew cooperate. There are rumors that Prince Andrew may be arrested for his involvement with Epstein, or for non-cooperation. Here’s what we know so far. 

A brief history of Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein

Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein were introduced by Prince Andrew’s Oxford pal, Ghislaine Maxwell. They met in the early 1990s when Prince Andrew’s wife was having affairs with American multimillionaires. Prince Andrew and Epstein were allegedly close. Prince Andrew denies this, saying he only saw Epstein once or twice a year. 

According to flight logs, Prince Andrew traveled numerous times on Jeffrey Epstein’s Lolita Express, Epstein’s private jet. Prince Andrew was also on Epstein’s island, Little St. James, also called Pedo Island and Orgy Island due to its reputation of being a hotspot for debauchery and sex trafficking. 

Virginia Roberts-Guiffre’s allegations

In 2005, Prince Andrew met Virginia Roberts-Guiffre. Outwardly, Roberts was Jeffrey Epstein’s masseuse. In reality, she was a seventeen-year-old girl that Epstein was sex trafficking. According to a statement by Roberts-Guiffre, Prince Andrew sexually assaulted her three times. One of those times was when a photograph was taken of her and Prince Andrew.

The photograph itself was cause for concern. Prince Andrew was pictured with his hand around Virginia Roberts Guiffre’s waist with Ghislaine Maxwell smiling behind them. Prince Andrew regrets taking the photograph since he says it appears to implicate him in Roberts-Guiffre’s allegations. 

Prince Andrew emphatically denies any wrongdoing. Buckingham Palace also released a statement supporting Prince Andrew’s side of the story. 

Will Prince Andrew cooperate? 

When the FBI first contacted Prince Andrew about the 2019 investigation into Jeffrey Epstein’s crimes, he said he was more than willing to cooperate. Prince Andrew’s team has even said they’ve been “in close cooperation” with the DOJ and FBI. 

Or won’t he? 

However, the FBI says that’s not been the case. They claim they haven’t heard a word from Prince Andrew despite reaching out numerous times. According to them, Prince Andrew has ignored numerous subpoenas from their departments. 

The silence from Prince Andrew has become so bad that the DOJ is moving to extradite him. However, the UK is slowing down the extradition due to concerns over the U.S. use of the death penalty. That begs the question, did Prince Andrew kill anyone? 

Everyone sentenced to death in the U.S. federally is there for aggravated murder, not sexual assault. State laws vary, but the death penalty in the U.S. is nearly exclusively used for capital murder. Is the death penalty an excuse to keep Prince Andrew from being extradited, or is there more to Virginia Roberts-Guiffre’s accusations? 

Will the Royal Family stand by Prince Andrew? 

In 2019, Prince Andrew appeared in an hour-long interview with the BBC to share his side of the story. While Prince Andrew and the Royal Family appear to believe the interview went well, some viewers disagree. Prince Andrew’s body language and poor reason for staying at Jeffrey Epstein’s house for four days in 2010 were reasons cited. 

Or are they ousting him? 

At the same time, Prince Andrew stepped away from royal duties after giving the interview on the BBC. His website has not been renewed. Also, he didn’t appear in photographs at his daughter Beatrice’s wedding last July. 

Prince Andrew could have still been there, just not in publicly-released photos. However, his absence from the released snaps doesn’t bode well. 

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  • I’m sure the Hollywood and Washington participants in this horrific tragedy would like see Prince Andrew in the spotlight taking it off themselves. They should all be charged and prosecuted for the heinous crimes that they committed against these minors. They have ruined these girls’ lives for their own twisted and perverted pleasure.

    These brave girls came forward and were forced to relive the nightmare In order to press charges, to bring it to the attention of the FBI, only to have it disregarded and swept under the rug. Shame on you, for protecting The perpetrators rather than the victims

    It absolutely amazes me that it has been covered up for so long.

    Shame on all of those who bent the law to cover this up.

    My heart also goes out to the honest journalists who first reported this scandal more than 10 years ago, they lost their jobs and were left without a Career and a tarnished reputation . These journalists should be given an apology and reinstated.

    I hope that the fake news and cover up is put on the shelf and that you can report the actual story as it unfolds.
    It’s time to be honest. These girls deserve it.

    August 6, 2020
  • The elite has been abusing mankind cor decades. Its time we put the pedo pimps and dogs down. Hats off to the brave vi tims & especially Virgina.

    August 9, 2020
  • There is insufficient evidence against Prince Andrew for him to be placed under arrest. Andrew is not immune from prosecution. In this regard, why has he not been placed under arrest? He should never have agreed to any interview, unless under Caution.
    He has, apparently, been requested to co-operate. Quite rightly, he has refused.
    It is indeed, a disgrace, for a member of the Royal family, to be an acquaintance with a convicted Paedophile and, for this, he has been relieved of all Royal duties. However, it is not a crime.

    August 30, 2020
  • Sex with a 17 year old girl is a crime in America is it not ?

    September 20, 2020
  • Prince Andrew (VICE-Admiral Royal Navy) has torpedoed the ‘reputation’ of the Royal Family at Buckingham Palace, who unbelievably, continue to shield him from the FBI,
    They are now ALL sunk in the mud. A Royal shipwreck.

    October 24, 2020
  • If it was me i would have been arrested right away but he is in the royal family he gets away with it, the royal family other known as the (FIRM) are above the law. We dont need the royal family get rid of them the whole lot of them them are costing the country £100s of millions of pounds to keep and all them do is bring shame to our country. Let the FBI come to this country and take him to the USA to sort this out once and for all. But he is hiding behind his mammys dress get rid of him come on FBI come and get him he is nothing but a pedo.

    December 31, 2020

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