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Virginia Roberts, one of Jeffrey Epstein’s victims, accuses Prince Andrew of the same crimes. There are pictures of both that speak louder than words.

Deviant denial: Do these pictures of Prince Andrew prove he’s lying?

Jeffrey Epstein’s inevitable downfall started with a concerned parent. It ended with his alleged suicide and his associates finally facing judgment for their own crimes. Prince Andrew has continued to deny the claims against him, but compromising pictures may say otherwise.

As Epstein’s accusations ramped up, so did the scrutiny of Prince Andrew’s friendship with him. By 2011, people were calling for him to step down from his role as trade envoy – someone who promotes British business & trade abroad.

Then, in 2014, Virginia Giuffre formally accused him of sexually abusing her when she was seventeen years old. One picture, in particular, seemed very telling of this illicit relationship. While Prince Andrew continues to deny her claims, additional pictures may reveal they’re more true than he would like to admit.

Virginia’s truth

Giuffre’s led a difficult life even before the pictures of her & Prince Andrew surfaced. The sexual abuse she suffered at home led to her running away. She went from cycling through foster homes to living on the streets. 

However, life on her own wasn’t much better and she, unfortunately, moved back home. Giuffre eventually started working with Mar-a-Lago through her father as a spa attendant. This position eventually became the catalyst for her meeting Ghislaine Maxwell in 2000.

Giuffre claims Maxwell lured her in with promises of becoming Epstein’s professional masseuse. Instead, she claims she experienced sexual abuse & trafficking at the hands of Epstein and named Prince Andrew as one of the culprits.

Damning evidence

Prince Andrew isn’t the first member of the British Royal Family to be involved in allegations of sexual assault. In 2003, Prince Charles was accused of helping to cover up the sexual assault of George Smith, his valet & footman (message delivery).

However, Prince Andrew is the only one who took pictures with his would-be accuser. One such image solidified his relationship with Giuffre. It shows Prince Andrew cozied up with seventeen-year-old Giuffre while Maxwell stands awkwardly in the background.

Some claim the image proves he took advantage of Giuffre. Others claim it only shows they were connected but proves nothing else. Regardless, Maxwell confirmed crimes of abuse & trafficking cast doubt on any belief in the image’s innocence.

Guilty by association

The months before Epstein’s final arrest in 2019 were plagued with the public’s interest in his associates. The more people learned about the allegations he faced, the more they realized how influential he was among high society. 

People wanted to know who he hung out with and how involved they were in his crimes. In some sense, it became a witch hunt finding guilt in anyone who’d ever associated with him. Chris Tucker, for example, faced scrutiny just for having been on Epstein’s private jet.

Prince Andrew came under scrutiny for simply having pictures with Epstein. Yet, the alleged story behind his picture with Giuffre elevated public attention from scrutiny to demands of investigation. If his connection to Epstein eventually brought his secrets to light, many feared it could do the same to others.

The lion’s den

Prince Andrew didn’t just take pictures with the woman who would later accuse him of sexual assault. He did so with Maxwell in the background. Her crimes along with Giuffre’s accusations paint a sordid picture he’s struggled to deny.

There aren’t just pictures of Prince Andrew with Epstein. There are pictures of them going for friendly strolls in the park. There’s a picture of him waving goodbye to a woman from the inside one of Epstein’s homes.

Both Prince Andrew and the BRF continue to deny any & all allegations against him. While the pictures don’t lie, their narrative can be twisted in his favor. Altogether, the pictures seem to implicate Prince Andrew in insidious ways. What this means for his future, remains unknown.

Do you think the pictures of Prince Andrew prove his guilt? Or do you think there’s another story behind the frame? Let us know in the comments below!

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