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Prepare to wince – the price of Netflix subscriptions is going up again. Here's a look into why Netflix raises their prices.

Netflix raises its prices again: What to know about your subscription costs

You might want to give your aunt a couple dollars because the price of her Netflix account just went up. Whether you “borrow” someone else’s password or pay for one on your own, Netflix’s library of hit shows & films have become must-watch television. The streaming mammoth is well aware of its demand and recently raised its prices.

While its basic plan will stay the same price, a little under $9 a month, Netflix’s standard & premium plans got a price bump. While no perks were added to the streaming options, customers will have to pay $13.99 and $17.99 a month to watch their shows. This is a $1 increase for standard subscribers and a $2 increase for premium subscribers. 

New customers will see this change immediately, while existing subscribers will see this change on their next bill. This price bump was highly expected after the company ended their 30-day trial policy and raised its Canadian prices earlier this month. 

With more streaming options popping up every day, this may seem like a risky move. However, try not to think of Netflix on the same streaming level of Disney+ or NBC’s new streaming app, Peacock. While those streaming apps offer entertainment from a single brand at a lower price, Netflix’s standard plan is comparable to Hulu’s premium plan or HBO’s basic plan, offering a wider range of choices.

Despite the possible recession, quarantine proved streaming services are essential in the American home. Netflix has been leading the charge in award-winning content, filling the gap left by closed movie theaters. Its films landed 24 Oscar nominations last season, the most of any studio. This year, Netflix hopes to do the same with David Fincher’s Mank, Spike Lee’s Da 5 Bloods, and Aaron Sorkin’s The Trial of the Chicago 7.

The Plans 

Unlike most streaming services, Netflix offers three price plans, perfect for every budget & streaming need. Have a fancy 4k high definition television? Netflix has a plan to best fit that. Have two kids in college and still want to watch The Crown with your partner while they watch Sex Education at the same time? There are plans for that. Broke but desperately want to keep up with Stranger Things? There’s even a plan for that. 


It may be basic, but it’s the one plan not affected by the price hike. At $8.99, you can watch the entire Netflix library on your phone, tablet, or television as much as you want. This plan is perfect for the single adult who wants the responsibility of paying for their own account, but is still on a budget. 

However, HD is unavailable at this price point and you can only watch one show at a time, which may not be ideal for some families or couples. For the price of a burrito, you can watch all the Emily in Paris you want and can even download an episode for later. 

The Standard 

The standard plan is called that for a reason. At $13.99 a month, this plan allows two people to watch two different shows at the same time and keep downloads on two different devices. Like the basic option, you have unlimited access to the Netflix library on pretty much any device you can imagine. However, this plan streams in HD, making Henry Cavill’s abs in The Witcher even more enticing.


You get what you pay for and at 17.99 a month, you definitely get some upgrades. Watch all Netflix has to offer on four devices at the same time. Perfect for families or a group of friends looking to split the fee, this plan offers downloads on four devices and two high definition choices. This plan allows you to make the most of your 4K television by streaming in Ultra HD. 

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