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Season 4 of Netflix’s wildly popular Spanish-language series 'Money Heist' debuted in April. Here are all your questions answered.

‘Money Heist’ season 4: All your questions answered

Season 4 of Netflix’s wildly popular Spanish-language series Money Heist debuted in April. These latest episodes follow the gang as they continue their second massive heist, this time at the Bank of Spain. Season 4 deals with the fall-out from the heist, planned by the late Berlin and executed by his brother The Professor.

While The Professor works tirelessly to save his love Rio from the police, his fellow heisters struggle to maintain control of the Bank of Spain. Season 4 features both old & new characters participating in the large-scale burglary, as well as a slew of new enemies to despise.

None of the new developments in season 4 of Money Heist takes away from what makes the show so entertaining: beautiful people, theatrical action, and endless political commentary. Now that we’ve all had time to watch & process the current installment, let’s dig into the burning, lingering questions we have about it.

Why did Nairobi have to die?

The loss of Nairobi, aka Ágata Jiménez, shocked all of us. Nariobi’s fate seems sealed at the end of season 3 when she is shot by police outside the Bank of Spain – police who use her young son to bait her. The gang brings Nairobi back from the dead, though, only to watch Gandía brutally murder her with a gunshot wound to the head at the end of season 4. 

It’s harrowing to watch, and Nairobi’s death causes The Professor to amplify his attacks against police in Madrid. While Money Heist has resisted surprising, sudden deaths like Nairobi’s so far, the choice to kill off Nairobi means we’re all even more invested in making sure The Professor uses his superior planning skills to take down the state.

To celebrate the long awaited release of 'Money Heist' Season 4, we've pulled more of our favorite quotes from our favorite troublemakers.

Will Tokyo ever stop being so terrible?

The temperamental & self-centered narrator Tokyo stages a coup at the beginning of season 4 that makes her complicit in all the terrible things that come after it. Tokyo makes it clear she doesn’t like Palermo – a new member and Berlin’s former partner – being in charge, so she decides to take over by force.

Tokyo’s impulsive decision causes Palermo – who is also a major drama queen – to team up with the bank’s chief security officer Gandía in order to stir up trouble. Meanwhile, police swarm outside the bank, making life even more difficult for the gang. While Tokyo will probably never stop being annoying, her status as an unreliable narrator does a lot to undermine the typical heist plot.

What’s the deal with Gandía?

Gandía is a thorn in the gang’s side, a deceptive & violent security officer at the Bank of Spain who takes pleasure in torturing the heisters. After pretending to join the robbers, Gandía quickly turns on them by complying with police outside the bank. Gandía hides in the bank’s panic room while tormenting the group.

Eventually, Gandía perpetuates the most heinous act depicted so far in Money Heist: he shoots Nairobi in the head. The gang captures Gandía at the end of season 4, but his fate is unknown. Gandía is an agent of chaos, and he will likely continue to make life miserable for everyone around him.

How will the gang ever escape the Bank of Spain?

The stakes feel even higher for The Professor’s students in season 4 of Money Heist. Thanks to Nairobi’s death, the press attention around Rio’s torture when he was in police custody, and Lisbon’s status as a former agent, all of Spain is watching.

The Professor knows all, though, and he unleashes his Paris Plan in the final episode of the season. There’s no doubt he’s created space for all the unexpected & unresolved problems that unravel around him in the season. There’s no doubt the gang will figure a way out, a way that will leave us all in awe.

What will happen between The Professor and Alicia Sierra?

Like it’s previous seasons, season 4 of Money Heist ends with a serious cliffhanger. Alicia Sierra, the pregnant investigator whose career is ruined when The Professor releases all the footage detailing Rio’s torture, goes rogue about being fired. Sierra is able to track The Professor down, confronting him in his hideout as the series closes.

While anything is possible in Money Heist, it’s unlikely Alicia Sierra or The Professor will die. Sierra is set to give birth any day, and she has a warrant out for her arrest. Sierra’s storyline is likely to evolve in a few ways: she will join the heist or she will blackmail The Professor for her own gains. 

When will season five be released?

Netflix has yet to officially announce a fifth season for Money Heist, but fans are anxious to know when their next stylized dose will come. Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, filming schedules are set back around the world. That means it will be even longer than usual before a new season arrives.

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