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If you’ve been watching crime drama 'Money Heist', you’ve undoubtedly been entranced by actor Miguel Herrán. Here's what you can catch him in!

Love Río from ‘Money Heist’? Get all your Miguel Herrán fixes here

If you’ve been watching crime drama Money Heist (who isn’t?), you’ve undoubtedly been entranced by breakthrough actor Miguel Herrán, who plays Rio, our favorite loverboy and expert hacker. 

Sure, the steamy, forbidden romance between Rio and Tokyo can fuel our imaginations for a while. But what if we need more of the gorgeous Miguel Herrán? Look no further – here are some other amazing performances by Miguel Herrán. 

Nothing in Return

Miguel first emerged from the shadows with his lead role in the movie Nothing in Return. This Spanish drama film directed by Daniel Guzmán follows the story of sixteen-year-old Dario, who runs away from home. After being expelled from school, Dario goes on to forge his own path, finding new friends in new places. 

When he’s not befriending old women who collect abandoned furniture, Dario carries out his own wild adventures and gets into all kinds of trouble. Miguel plays the troubled, mischievous teen with passion & fun. He even won a Goya Award for Best New Actor for his stellar performance. And if that doesn’t sell it for you, Herrán looks pretty dang nice riding a motorcycle in Nothing in Return, too. 


After finishing Money Heist, switch over to Netflix’s thriller teen drama show Elite, set at fictional elite secondary school Las Encinas. The protagonists, a trio of working-class teenage students with scholarships, have to learn to navigate through this school and interact with their wealthy classmates.

Miguel plays Christian Varela Expósito, part of this signature trio. Christian is still a romantic (like Rio), but he’s also a funny, carefree kid who has to balance his past life while fraternizing with these very different, richer students.

Despite Elite being a guilty pleasure, its superb grasp of mature themes is portrayed by an excellent ensemble cast.


In “Nomeolvides” (“Forget-me-nots”) by Miguel Berzal de Miguel, Miguel played the role of the director’s assistant in Nomeolvides and his charismatic performance led him to stealing several scenes. After all, he is a young man of many talents. 

Nomeolvides (“forget-me-nots”) is a short about widow Silvia, recently moved to Madrid with her daughter. Though Silvia tries to move on, not all are happy about her departure – her parents send her forget-me-not flowers as a reminder.

This striking and impactful, yet minimal, cinematic vignette is worth a watch for its pent-up emotional tone and meticulous photography and performances.

Hasta el Cielo

What’s next for Miguel Herrán? So far, we know he’ll play the lead in new Spanish film Hasta el Cielo. Much like Money Heist, this feature is set to be a fast-paced, highly emotional, and fun heist thriller. 

Miguel will play Ángel, a young man with a knack for getting into trouble – and swiftly getting out of it too. Ángel joins a gang of thieves and begins to ascend the criminal hierarchy, dealing with dirty money, shady deals, and corrupt lawyers. 

The film is meant to portray the trials and tribulations of “delinquents” denied opportunities, who find creative ways of gaining access to luxuries that our society offers.

All we can do now is cross our fingers that Hasta el Cielo won’t be delayed, so we can feast our eyes on more of the charming Miguel Herrán.

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