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Her rise to fame was pretty unorthodox, but Mia Khalifa has become an important social & political activist. Here are Khalifa’s best activist Twitter posts.

Mia Khalifa’s best Twitter posts on porn and activism

Mia Khalifa is an emblem of change & modernity. Although her rise to fame was pretty unorthodox, Mia Khalifa has become an important activist for social & political justice. The social influencer first gained notoriety from her fight against the porn industry, shedding the shackles created by her brief history as a pornstar. 

While Khalifa  is active across many social media platforms (rather famous for her hilarious TikTok videos,) her philanthropy really comes forward through her Twitter profile. Here are some of Khalifa’s very best Twitter posts that represent her political & social activism. 

Lebanon in shambles

Born in Beirut, Lebanon, Khalifa has serious personal ties to the crisis occurring there. As a Lebanese-American, Khalifa is doing everything she can to raise support for Lebanon. Raising money and speaking up to help with Lebanon’s dire situation  is Khalifa’s prerogative. 

Live auctions

In an effort to raise money, Khalifa decided to auction off her infamous glasses. (She wore them for most of her porn videos.) All of the proceeds will be sent over to the Lebanese Red Cross in order to aid victims of the recent Beirut blasts.  

In addition to the glasses, the winner will receive a signed polaroid of Mia Khalifa, a used loofah, & sideburn razor. Creatively giving up mementos of her porn career provided an opportunity for personal growth & lucrative fundraising. Way to go, Mia!

Cameo fundraising

Mia Khalifa didn’t just stop at fundraising after her auction – she also jumped on board with the celebrity shout-out site Cameo. Whatever she earns on here will head right over to the Lebanese Red Cross as well. 

Cameo serves as a way for celebrities to connect with fans interested in getting a direct, personalized communication experience with their idol. What is Khalifa’s interesting service offered on Cameo? Essentially, she’ll roast your ex on cam so that people donate money to her charity. 

Mr. Beast tattoo

Oh, you thought those fundraisers were enough? Nope! Mia Khalifa also decided to go live on Twitch and get “Mr.Beast” tattooed onto her body. She made a deal with popular Youtuber philanthropist MrBeast to get the tattoo if he made a $100 thousand donation to Lebanon. 

Fans have been waiting for the two activists to join forces in order to contribute to a good cause. Not to mention – Twitch is an excellent way for watchers to chill & donate to a good cause. 

Black Lives Matter support

With Mia Khalifa’s huge platform – over seven million followers on TikTok – she shared the stage with the black creators of Juneeteenth, making a heartfelt dedication. As an immigrant from Yemen, Khalifa has always been vocal about racial issues – a strong supporter of Black Lives Matter. 

This Twitter post called out someone who left a nasty comment about her BLM advocacy. The Twitter user wrote: “You sure care about BLM, you were getting BBC in your “hoe days.””

Instead of ignoring the mocking comment once again shaming her for her porn career, Khalifa responded with gusto. She transformed the comment into a moment of reflection, writing:

“And what is the difference? Is that any worse? Am I lesser of a person for it? Are they considered degrading? If it was only white men would you think better of me? Please reflect on your own self hate and shame, Eric. I think you have a lot to work through.”

Down with BangBros

Khalifa’s harrowing experience in the porn industry left her fighting against BangBros. BangBros allegedly ripped off her contract multiple times, leading Khalifa to launch a petition to make them take off all her porn videos from their websites. 

Khalifa has been exceedingly open about her misleading contract with BangBros online, never missing an opportunity to call them out. This tweet highlighted another terrible incident she was coerced to endure in the porn industry. 

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