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We stan Mia Khalifa as a Tik Tok queen because she serves us all-you-can-eat relatable content. Here are some of her greatest videos.

Mia Khalifa’s TikTok videos: Everything we love about them

We stan Mia Khalifa as a Tik Tok queen because she serves us all-you-can-eat relatable content with a healthy portion of real issues. While most of the time Mia engages in funny, self-deprecating humor, she uses her platform for more than just engaging the latest Tik Tok trends. 

Mia knows the dark side of the internet having been made famous through her notorious porn videos which were followed by a volley of online hate. While she still faces stigma everyday, Mia hasn’t backed down from the negativity, instead she casually incorporates it into her Tik Tok videos to laugh at it. 

Mia has continually shown her audience that she’s more than people’s assumptions about her and has made her platform a safe, informative space for people struggling with mental health, identity, and body dysmorphia. Here’s everything we love about Mia Khalifa’s Tik Tok videos


no one will notice once it bakes out! #howiwalk 😂

♬ Don’t be suspicious – dumbbishsauce

Relatable AF

No one will notice a cheeky little bite. 


To the sub-17 boys who are 98lb soaking wet on a good day saying “I lost my 🎂” … go stand in the sun and get an Accutane burn, you fetuses.

♬ original sound – complex


Try and body shame Mia and she’ll show you just how strong she is. 


#duet with @naniwootwoot7 POV: you’re my 3 brain cells waiting to see if she responds 🤹🏽🤹🏽🤹🏽

♬ Savage – Famous Ocean & KungFu

Feminist & proud

We love a secure woman who promotes & celebrates the accomplishments of other women!


I love you guys 🥺♥️

♬ I think she might be dumb… – stairway2devon

Think before you exploit

Just a little visual aid on the exploitive practices & derogatory behavior of the porn industry. 


How you gonna call me a h03 when I can’t even cömē #nightroutine ☺️

♬ original sound – quen.blackwell

What stigma? 

Mia is jumping on that mental health bandwagon for all her platform to see! 


It is what it was

♬ original sound – weebkiller

She doesn’t shy away

Mia making a Tik Tok that powerfully illustrates her struggle with trauma. 


Reply to @kamalel-maghraby RIP to Malcolm Kerr. #shamefull (I know it’s spelled shameful, but that was the active hashtag. Pls spell check, y’all)

♬ I dont understand song – donttouchthevoid

No shame

Addressing the hate in typical Mia Khalifa savagery. 


#duet with @thedaintyfunk ENslaved. Not “slave.” Learn the difference. Change the textbooks. Share it until everyone understands.

♬ A change is gonna come – Sam Cooke

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We love Mia for lending her platform to other voices so they can be heard farther & wider.

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