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Recently Mia stumbled onto making TikToks. Check out these Mia Khalifa videos that prove she should be your next TikTok follow.

These Mia Khalifa videos prove she should be your fave influencer

TikTok influencers can either make you laugh until you cry or annoy the ever-loving heck out of you. Sometimes we can only take so many TikTok dance videos before we’ve had enough internet for the day. Mia Khalifa doesn’t mind doing a dance or a challenge here & there but for the most part, her videos are funny, clever, and entertaining. 

Mia Khalifa didn’t find fame on TikTok, many people already knew Mia from the time she spent working in porn. Mia didn’t stay in the adult film industry long though the stigma of being in porn followed her everywhere. Recently Mia stumbled onto making TikToks and proved she has a knack for the platform. 

There’s no sexual content to be seen on Mia’s channel, only self-deprecating humor, her adorable dogs & handsome husband, and a few well-aimed jabs at the shady underbelly of the adult film industry. Check out these Mia Khalifa videos that prove she should be your next TikTok follow. 


Tiktok is so fun and addicting and just another thing I’m terrible at 😂 #quarantine

♬ original sound – heresjohnnyagain

Politically woke

Mia likes to stay on top of politically relevant topics while incorporating a healthy snack. She’s a role model to us all. 


Don’t mind the acne cream, I’m not gonna do my hair and makeup to impress an entire generation that has never had to rewind a VHS before returning it.

♬ original sound – cutiethiccckums

A little dark humor goes a long way

Mia isn’t afraid to call it like it is and make us all chuckle darkly along the way. Influencers of color can show us there are many different perspectives in the world! 


I’m either a new breed of unsymmetrical or I don’t get how to do this. How do you make it line up???

♬ aesthetic vibes – girly.aesthetics.daily

TikTok challenges ain’t all that

We love an influencer that can turn a challenge on its head rather than playing into the hype. 


….I’ll keep my dirt brown and hope my husbands 6’3”, blonde hair, blue-eyed genes do the heavy lifting in my uterus.

♬ original sound – sadpatheticloser

Born this way

We’re glad Mia has gorgeous dark eyes not the blue, icy spheres of a demonic husky. 


Eyebrows thicker than my skin 🙂

♬ original sound – benedte

Back off haters

That’s right, you cry you gorgeous queen! Your tears aren’t as salty as the jealous hos in the comments. 


Reply to @zookeeper_of_303 and that’s on predatory contracts signed (while they watched) under severe distress from global death threats 🙆🏽‍♀️

♬ CEO of speaking French – c.est.bon.bon

An educational video

Mia takes the time to answer her subscribers’ questions on how the porn industry often exploits the women it employs.  


He’s gonna leave me and risk getting corona by then end of this quarantine 😂😂

♬ SIMBA – germangarmendia

The circle of wife

We guess Mia’s husband is now king of everything the light touches. 


Honestly you’re just behind the curve if you’re not hip to this.

♬ Laugh Out Loud – noodleboidave

Because it’s delicious, that’s why

Mia knows if you want to amp up that umami flavor, just give it a little msg lovin’!

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