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Kelly Dodd has been controversial since before she was even on 'The Real Housewives of Orange County'. Have they caught up to her? Read the new rumors here.

An independent report was released today indicating Colorado police were responsible for the death of Elijah McClain. Read the details here.

Central Park "Karen" has her charges dropped. Does this mean that Amy Cooper offered an apology for her viral behavior last Spring? See for yourself.

Calling all 'Euphoria' lovers – a trailer featuring the special episode about Jules has been released. Check out the sparkly new trailer here.

It seems that every day someone new is exposed as being racist. See the shocking new allegations against the owner of Prince Street Pizza.

A leader of the group known as the Proud Boys was arrested in Washington D.C. Why was he arrested and why does this matter?

BTS exploded all over the news scene in 2020 with triumphs and tenderness. Check out the year's highlights for the Korean boy band.

The memorial sculpture created for Breonna Taylor was vandalized. Here's what happened and what's being done.

Why did Pope Francis just invite NBA players to the Vatican? Here's an in-depth look inside the inspiring trip.