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Twenty-three year old Elijah McClain was killed by police in 2019. Read how the officers responsible for his death are being indicted two years later.

It has been one year since the unjust murder of George Floyd rocked the nation, so how is his memorial being honored today? Read all about it here.

Tyler Joseph is back making music for his fans. Doesn't look like Twenty One Pilots are breaking up anytime soon. Here's how the music duo are moving on.

Stand down cancel culture! It looks like Twitter users are forgiving Logan Paul for his controversial YouTube video. Here's what Twitter has to say.

Fans have cancelled Tyler Joseph! Twenty One Pilots bandmate used his platform to support the Black Lives Matter movement. Here's what the singer tweeted.

The definition of cancel culture has been warped & twisted over the years. Learn more about how the term itself may need to be cancelled.

Are the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation straying from their goals? Learn about the demand for transparency.

Instagram Live has been a perfect way for influencers to keep their fans updated, and some new features have been added. Check out the updates here.

Kelly Dodd has been controversial since before she was even on 'The Real Housewives of Orange County'. Have they caught up to her? Read the new rumors here.