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Mia Khalifa's home country of Lebanon has banned her. Here's everything you need to know about why that happened.

While Mia Khalifa might have become famous for being naked, she's now a respected activist for various causes.

Mia Khalifa is taking her porn career beyond being naked on screen in her fight for what's right. So why does she care so much?

Her rise to fame was pretty unorthodox, but Mia Khalifa has become an important social & political activist. Here are Khalifa’s best activist Twitter posts.

Mia Khalifa has become a symbol of social change. Here’s how Mia Khalifa went from XXX star to passionate social activist.

With over 125 confirmed dead and thousands more injured, this explosion did more than just damage citizens of Lebanon. Here's the latest news.

Nissan's Carlos Ghosn proved money really can buy you anything – even freedom. Here are the details of how the disgraced CEO fled Japan.