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The Wilsons have (playfully) declared war on each other. Avoid the TVA and dive into what the Wilsons said about being an actor for 'Stargirl' and 'Loki'. 

‘Stargirl’ vs. ‘Loki’: Did actor Owen Wilson get “weird” for his Marvel role?

The Wilsons have (playfully) declared war on each other due to being an actor for Stargirl and Loki respectively. Luke Wilson spoke of his experience at a press event this week as an actor for Stargirl and compared it to his brother Owen’s Wilson’s experience as an actor for Loki. 

Luke Wilson plays Pat Dugan, the former sidekick to Starman and Courtney Whitmore’s stepfather and mentor to the new JSA. Meanwhile, his brother Owen is an actor for the show Loki, playing Mobius M. Mobius of the Time Variance Authority. The two brothers commented on each other’s shows and even told some stories of their time filming the shows at the same time in Atlanta. 

Of course, mant Twitter users got a chuckle out of the comments made by the brothers during their time as an actor for Stargirl and Loki respectively. We teleported through the threads to find more information and the best reactions to the Wilson “feud”. Avoid the TVA as we dive into what the Wilson brothers had to say about being an actor for Stargirl and Loki. 

Welcome to Mica 

Luke Wilson first joked at the press conference that he didn’t really understand the show Loki. Despite this, though, he commented how living together was, all in all, a fun experience. 

“And yeah, it was funny for me to be working for DC and doing a superhero show, and then Owen was playing that character Mobius on Loki,” Luke Wilson commented “I know that he really enjoyed working on that. And like me, he had not worked on a superhero project and had not worked on a show before, but I know he had a great time and really enjoyed working with Tom Hiddleston.”

Of course, Luke Wilson’s comments also discussed the classic DC vs. Marvel rivalry that’s been going on for decades as well as giving us small clues into their living situation in Atlanta. 

Odd people 

The biggest comment Luke Wilson made discussed “Marvel” people, in general, are “odd”, but complemented the show while also sharing his views on the “feud”. He stated how both of Owen’s sons watch both shows and seem to enjoy them, so at least in the Wilson household, the two universes can exist in harmony

“I don’t know if you’ve ever lived with anybody in the Marvel Universe but odd people, very, very odd. Whatever snack you have made for yourself…” Wilson joked before commenting how “I don’t know that we had a ‘rivalry,’ but Owen has two sons and they watched both shows and I feel like I detected a little more enthusiasm for Stargirl. But I don’t know, I might have just been projecting that.”

Of course, this adorable “feud” caught the attention of many Twitter users who couldn’t help but laugh at the serendipity of it all, especially considering the warring nature of the two universes as a whole. 

Twitter is chuckling 

Many Twitter users are still chuckling over Wilson’s comments as well as showcasing their shock at the fact that Luke and Owen are brothers  (which, seriously? They have the same last name). Reactions to Luke Wilson’s comments include: 

Yes, yes you would have. Also, *squints* they do not look alike. 

That would definitely be an interesting sight to wake up to . . . . 

Not sure, it’s not that deep dude . . . . 

We definitely needed more of that patented Wilson humor in both universes! 

It is a funny bit of serendipity when you think about it. 

What are your thoughts on Luke Wilson’s comments about his brother being an actor for Loki? Drop them below in the comments before Brainwave comes back! 

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