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The Wilsons have (playfully) declared war on each other. Avoid the TVA and dive into what the Wilsons said about being an actor for 'Stargirl' and 'Loki'. 

Are you worried you missed one of Disney Plus's biggest shows? Tune in right now and find Loki streaming from anywhere in the world!

'Arthur' the cartoon will be ending its long run on PBS after its 25th season. Care to celebrate the best 'Arthur' memes with us?

So . . . about that relationship between Loki and his doppelganger . . . is that incest? The matter's been cleared, but does this actor agree? Find

Who will be in the cast for the upcoming 'Doctor Strange' sequel, and can we expect to see any other MCU characters in there? Let's take a look

'Loki' scores a season 2 renewal at Disney+. Make some mischief and learn if actor Tom Hiddleston will return to the title role.

With the announcement of Loki getting a season 2 on Disney+ today, many are wondering if the other Marvel television shows will also get renewed. Specifically, many wonder

'Loki' introduced Frog Thor or Throg into the world at large. Learn how Chris Hemsworth appeared as Frog Thor in the series.

How many Lokis are too many? Dive into all the Loki variants met during "Journey into Mystery" and see how many versions of the God of Mischief appear.