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On the heels of John Mulaney's stint in rehab, it was revealed his wife went in for treatment when they got divorced. Dive into the details right here!

Why did John Mulaney’s wife really go to rehab? The truth about her stint

John Mulaney blew up like a skinny, well-dressed atom bomb over the past six years after building a solid foundation for his career in writing & performing comedy since the early 2000s. Mulaney has reached new levels of fame over the past year, as the star’s personal life has been picked apart and those close to Mulaney have become famous simply by association.

Mulaney gossip has been moving at breakneck speed over the past few months, as news of the comedian’s bout with rehab, divorce, and new dating prospects have shredded viral headlines & celeb tea blogs across the board. Today’s Mulaney story, however, focuses on the comedian’s estranged wife and her struggles reflecting her husband’s.

Rehab reports

Page Six reported today John Mulaney & his estranged wife Anna Marie Tendler both attended rehab, despite recent reports simply focusing on Mulaney’s stay. However, Mulaney’s wife allegedly stayed in rehab for vastly different reasons than her husband.

John Mulaney went to rehab in Pennsylvania back in December 2020 for alcohol & cocaine abuse, after telling audiences his history of partying in numerous specials & interviews over the course of his career. Mulaney reminisced on his partying days on camera, but always maintained he had been sober since age twenty-three.

Since John Mulaney’s recent stint in rehab in his late thirties, the comedian made headlines with the divorce from his wife following his February 2021 release, which publications report the comedian initiated. 

After sixty days in rehab, headlines began to report of the comedian’s divorce, and before long, rumours sprung up about Mulaney dating Olivia Munn. Now, fans are wondering how Mulaney’s estranged wife is doing, and reports say she went to rehab not long after Mulaney was admitted.

Silver Hill

Reports say Mulaney’s estranged wife Anna Marie Tendler went into a different rehab facility after the famed comedian entered a Pennsylvania center in late 2020. 

Tendler went for alleged emotional reasons, and reports say Tendler struggled with eating disorders as well. She went to Silver Hill Hospital in New Canaan, Connecticut, and was aptly separated by miles from her soon-to-be estranged husband of six years.

Unconfirmed claims

Rumors have been floating around Tendler’s stint in rehab regarding Mulaney’s alleged infidelity, spouting from unconfirmed sources online. 

Most reports on Tendler’s rehab stay in regard to Mulaney reference unconfirmed reports the comedian would philander at clubs during their marriage, and one reddit user meetmeforkisses claimed the comedian approached her at a club in 2019. 

The user is quoted saying, “He was definitely drinking and definitely never mentioned a wife. Did not hesitate to give me his number to meet outside of the club. He was always respectful to me so I could never call him a predator or anything, but I felt so awful when I found out he was married.” 

These claims remain unconfirmed, and the closest info we have to Tendler responding to these issues in rehab is an undisclosed source saying “it is clear she suffered during their marriage,” although she didn’t discuss the divorce in rehab.

Support & Success

However, it’s clear Tendler wasn’t ready for Mulaney’s break, as OK magazine reported the thirty-five-year-old artist said in a statement, “I am heartbroken that John has decided to end our marriage. I wish him support and success as he continues his recovery”. 

Now, Mulaney and his estranged wife are both out of rehab, with the celebrated comedian rumoured to be newly dating Olivia Munn and back on stage, having done a few shows in New York City in early May, and Tendler focusing on her art. 

Do you believe the rumors or are you on team John? Let us know in the comments below!

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