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With John Mulaney in rehab, rumors swirl about a possible divorce from his wife. Dive into the speculation about the possible split for the longtime couple.

Will John Mulaney’s wife divorce him over addiction? Inside the rumors

John Mulaney is one of those stand-up comedians that has easily donned a great many hats. From writer, actor, and producer, Mulaney has more than proven his comedic chops and talent over the years. That’s probably why the news that broke on Monday, Dec. 21 about him checking into rehab came as a surprise. For the most part, he seemed to be okay. 

That’s the thing, however, people can seem okay, but you never really know what another person is going through. Hopefully, John Mulaney can get the help that he needs in rehab. Addiction is a disease, and it’s great to see that he’s taking the necessary steps forward to seek treatment. With the news of Mulaney entering rehab, people feel the need to speculate on other aspects of his personal life. 

Now, this isn’t that big of a surprise in the long run. When someone famous in a relationship enters rehab, then, of course, people are going to speculate on the state of that relationship. John Mulaney, over the years, has been famously in love with his wife, make-up artist Annamarie Tendler, for years. The two have been married since 2014.

If you remember when Mulaney won an Emmy for Outstanding Writing for a Variety Special for Kid Gorgeous, then you remember that his wife wasn’t there because she didn’t think he would win. He joked that he thinks that she made the right decision anyway when accepting the statuette. Addiction, of course, will take a toll on anyone’s relationship.

Again, it comes down to not knowing what goes on behind someone’s closed doors. That’s the thing with celebrities, you feel like you know them, but you really don’t. Ultimately, what’s going on between John Mulaney and his wife isn’t really anyone’s business. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t rumors going around about their divorce. To repeat, these are only rumors. 

Annamarie, John Mulaney’s wife, deleted her Instagram shortly before he checked himself into rehab in Pennsylvania, where he will stay for about 60 days to receive treatment. Fans also say that she has unfollowed Mulaney on social media as well. Now, this could be for an impending divorce. Or, equally likely, she just doesn’t want to see any comments on her husband during this difficult time. 

In the past, she has deleted her social media and Mulaney, in his respect to his wife’s wishes, would turn off comments on posts with her in it. She has also expressed frustration in regard to dealing with constant questions about her husband. With John Mulaney in rehab, it’s not that shocking that Annamarie would want some privacy during this time. 

The prevailing theory, according to Page Six, is that Mulaney relapsed due to the pandemic. Honestly, that wouldn’t be a huge surprise. With the pandemic going on, a lot of people struggling with addiction are relapsing. The only thing to do is encourage them to get treatment and help wherever you can. Hopefully, Mulaney will be able to move forward from this. 

Currently, no one close to Mulaney is talking about divorce or him entering rehab. When or if they want to talk about it, then that will be on their terms. This, really, is a private matter that is no one’s business. The only thing that fans can do is just support John Mulaney, his wife, and his loved ones by respecting their wishes for privacy during this time. 

Basically, that’s the long and short of the rumors at this time, which has a good non-divorce explanation to give as well. As John Mulaney, with the support of his loved ones, goes through the rehab process, we just need to remember that he is human. 2020 has been a hard year for everyone. Maybe, speculating on whether or not two people are divorcing isn’t really helping the situation over all.

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