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John Mulaney is back and doing comedy again! Save the date for his first set of post-rehab comedy shows from the beloved comedian.

John Mulaney is back! Get ready to watch the comedian’s next show now

John Mulaney is everyone’s favorite comedian. With his sets such as “The Salt & Pepper Diner” and the whole “Horse in the Hospital” routine, people find him infinitely quotable and meme-able. How many times have you seen a gif of John Mulaney used as a response? Or how many times has he been quoted, jokingly, in conversation? John Mulaney is the comedian of the Internet age.

Despite this, however, he has had plenty of his own demons to battle. John Mulaney has spoken of his ongoing battle with addiction. In 2019, the comedian said in an interview with Esquire, “I wasn’t a good athlete, so maybe it was some young male thing of, ‘This is the physical feat I can do. Three Vicodin and a tequila and I’m still standing.’ Who’s the athlete now?” He, unfortunately, suffered a relapse and went to rehab in late 2020.

John Mulaney completed his rehab treatment in Feb. 2021. The comedian is back to doing comedy shows. He’s going to do a residency at the New York City Winery from May 10-14. If you live in the NYC area, then the guest will have to “either be fully vaccinated or have received a negative Covid test within 72 hours prior to this event”. Phones will not be allowed in the performance space.

Let’s see how Twitter reacted to the comedian’s return. 


Go get ‘em, John. 

John Mulaney is back and ready for some comedy!



We’re so proud of you, John. Here’s hoping that the shows are a success.


Hoping you’re doing well.

Seriously, we’re hoping these shows mean that the comedian is doing well after completing rehab.


The downside

Naturally, however, the shows pretty much immediately sold out.


Not canceled, just shows

When people see a name trending of a person whose work they like, they need to make sure that they aren’t canceled.



Do you feel the rainbows in your heart at John Mulaney’s return?


Now there’s an idea

The good Mulaney mood meter. Someone make a plug-in.


Punch out a heart

Heart! Heart! Heart! 



Okay, that’s pretty cool for the posters.


Break a leg

Good luck on your sober journey, John!

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