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Olivia Munn is pregnant with John Mulaney's baby! See the reactions from Twitter about the news from the new couple.

Is John Mulaney’s ex-wife jealous of Olivia Munn’s pregnancy?

John Mulaney has certainly had a year. He went to rehab, then divorced his wife, then debuted new material, then did a little tour. Now he’s going to become a dad with actress Olivia Munn. Like, wow, that’s some sort of speed run of something, right? John Mulaney announced the happy news on Late Night with Seth Meyers about his and Olivia Munn’s impending parenthood.

Naturally, Twitter has some thoughts about John Mulaney, Olivia Munn, and Mulaney’s ex-wife on the platform. So let’s dive in and check out their thoughts, shall we? 


First off

It definitely turned things around.



Everyone on TikTok apparently knew already.



Others are side-eyeing how quickly things happened.


No one wants to think too hard about that

People just don’t want to think about John Mulaney having sex.


On the other hand

A new status has been achieved.


Grab the conspiracy boards

Is it all connected?!?!


Ouch . . . 

While others are just feeling bad for Mulaney’s ex.



And people are feeling betrayed for some reason? 


This is what happens with stand-up comedy

People use exes for stand-up all the time. He’s probably going to use Olivia Munn and their kid as well.


The rest of Twitter watching this

It’s a mess.

What do you think about John Mulaney and Olivia Munn’s big news? Let us know in the comments below! 

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