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What did Jeffrey Epstein's staff know that we don't? Discover the latest news from a housekeeper who worked for Epstein.

Jeffrey Epstein news: How did he treat his housekeeping staff?

Mopping floors, dusting shelves, and washing the dishes; working as a housekeeper is a straightforward & relatively simple job. At least, that’s what Juan Alessi thought. Alessi was the former housekeeper for sex offender Jeffrey Epstein’s Florida mansion.

Besides the time-consuming work it took to clean the enormous rooms in the mansion, Alessi was no different than any other housekeeper until he began to notice something unusual. . . . 

Who are you?

Some sweeping here & some dusting there; to complete his required duties, Alessi had access to most of the mansion. During the podcast Broken: Seeking Justice, Alessi claimed he had no idea that Epstein was abusing underage girls in his Florida mansion. Yet, Alessi stated that he warned Epstein he was seeing too many women

According to Alessi, Epstein had complained about his back to which Alessi responded by telling him he had to take it easy and questioned how he was able to perform with so many women. Alessi claimed he told Epstein, “One of these girls one day is going to get you in trouble.” 

Alessi said Epstein, who would mispronounce his first name, replied, “John, they only want money.” (Epstein really cared about his employees)

A monster behind the smile

During an interview with Virginia Giuffre, who accused Prince Andrew of having sex with her while she was a 17-year-old trafficking victim, Alessi had a few things to say:

“Prince Andrew was at the house two or three times when I was there. He was always polite and a very nice guy. He was the only guy who left us a tip.” He added, “I was not supposed to talk to the guests, I was not supposed to talk to Virginia. Nothing, no talking. I was not allowed to interrupt conversations.”

Prince Andrew may have been polite, however, being nice doesn’t change the fact that he is an accused sexual abuser. 

During the interview, Alessi told Giuffre: “I feel so sorry that this jerk was, in the end, abusing little girls. It’s sickening. He could have had all the women in the world.” He added, “Virginia, I feel so bad about what happened to you, but I feel so good that I see you so great now. That you make up your life, that you have a family and try to nail that son of a b****.”

Prince Andrew denies all allegations against him.


Fact vs. fiction

During the podcast Broken: Seeking Justice, host Tara Palmeri pointed out that Juan Alessi has changed his story throughout the years. In 2005, Alessi reportedly told the Palm Beach Police that he had to clean vibrators & sex toys after Epstein’s “massages”. 

Was Juan Alessi an innocent man who unknowingly got caught up in Jeffrey Epstein’s mess, or was he fully aware of the abuse that went on? The truth will reveal itself – it’s only a matter of time. 

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