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How did Jeffrey Epstein attain his massive net worth? Here’s a list of the billionaires who could have done business with Jeffrey Epstein.

All the billionaire friends and family still associated with Jeffrey Epstein

Jeffrey Epstein built his life around luxury & fame, procuring friends with significant reputations. Some of these friends also happen to be some of the wealthiest people in the world. Whether they helped fund Epstein or just happened to party with the so-called playboy, these billionaires have a record of being associated with the convicted sex offender whether it was through parties or through a longtime friendship. 

Here’s a list of the billionaires most associated with Jeffrey Epstein and how some of them might have been the ones funding Epstein his massive net worth.

Who is Jeffrey Epstein?

Jeffrey Epstein led an extremely private life, rarely making media or public appearances. Epstein’s life has been put in the spotlight since his arrest and we’ve learned more about the luxury life he led behind closed doors. 

Epstein was known as a financier, but the way he got a reported $600 million net worth is still unclear. Epstein owned multiple luxury estates around the world, including a New York townhouse, a giant New Mexico ranch, an apartment in France, and even an island in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Epstein was also known for having friends in high places including celebrities, politicians, and royalty. 

Jeffrey Epstein’s crimes & death

In 2008, Epstein became a convicted sex offender from a 2005 case involving a minor. Epstein only had to serve thirteen of the eighteen months he was sentenced for. Multiple women started to come forward seeking settlement from Epstein in the years after until July 2019 when he was arrested again on federal charges for sex trafficking minors. 

Shortly after his arrest, Epstein was put on suicide watch, but taken off of the watch a few days later. He moved around the jail and was left without a cellmate by August 9, 2019. Left unchecked by guards, he was found dead on August 10 in an apparent suicide  by hanging, which was later confirmed by the medical examiner. 

Speculation about the validity of his suicide began when a New York Times reporter revealed Epstein suggested off-the-record he had scandalous information on powerful people, involving their sexual activities & drug use. This possible blackmail material has led many people online to think Epstein was actually killed, which has resulted in the “Epstein didn’t kill himself” meme.

Ghislaine Maxwell 

It’s unclear how much Ghislaine Maxwell is worth, but her father, Robert Maxwell, was a billionaire from making a publishing empire in England. However, scandal erupted when authorities discovered Robert Maxwell committed pension fraud shortly after his death. His sons couldn’t keep the empire together and his companies were forced to declare bankruptcy with hundreds of millions of UK pounds in debt. 

Because of that, Ghislaine Maxwell’s net worth is a little unclear. However, her alleged participation in Epstein’s crimes suggests she’s still worth a lot of money. Maxwell is currently awaiting trial in jail because of her connection with Epstein. Maxwell started as his girlfriend, and later allegedly acted as his “madam”, “grooming” and recruiting young women & underage girls for Epstein to abuse, according to The New York Times.  

Some women have come forward alleging Maxwell participated in the sexual abuse as well, with many including Annie Farmer who sued Maxwell & Epstein for rape. Epstein & Maxwell’s relationship runs deep and she hasn’t publicly denounced Epstein for his crimes. 

Leslie Wexner

Leslie Wexner became a billionaire thanks to L Brands, the parent company of Victoria’s Secret, Abercrombie and Fitch, Express, and Bath & Body Works. He was the L Brands CEO until recently when he transitioned to Chairman Emeritus of L Brands. Wexner’s relationship with Epstein started in the 1980s as Epstein’s client. Epstein eventually became Wexner’s financial manager in 1987.

Wexner has become a big figure in Epstein’s case, as Wexner previously owned Epstein’s infamous New York townhouse before giving it to Epstein in the mid-1990s. According to The New York Times, Wexner called Epstein “a most loyal friend”. Wexner also thought Epstein had “excellent judgment and unusually high standards”, though Wexner cut ties with Epstein by at least 2007, according to The New York Times.

Thanks to their working relationship, Epstein started to become “extraordinarily rich”, according to the New York Times, but it’s unclear how Epstein & Wexner worked together. Wexner claims he didn’t know about Epstein’s crimes. However, The New York Times reported Epstein allegedly used Victoria’s Secret, which joined L Brands thanks to Wexner, as a way to recruit & harass women.

Leon Black

Leon Black is an investor who also has an impressive art collection and is the chairman of MoMA. The New York Times reported Black & Epstein’s connection goes much deeper than the “limited relationship” Black suggested they had. The New York Times report outlines multiple instances of Black giving money to Epstein, adding up to “at least $50 million”. 

It’s unclear what Epstein did for Black, but The New York Times reported the transactions lasted between 2012 to 2018, shortly after Leslie Wexner cut ties with Epstein in the mid-2000s. This length of time is notably after Epstein was a convicted sex offender.

Though Black’s spokeswoman Stephanie Pillersdorf said Black ended his business relationship with Epstein in 2018 over a “fee dispute”, Black & Epstein knew each other for “for decades”, according to The New York Times. Black was recently in the news for possibly being subpoenaed by the attorney general of the Virgin Islands, Denise George, who’s investigating Epstein’s alleged sex trafficking crimes within the Virgin Islands. 

Donald Trump

Trump & Epstein have an unclear past, since photos suggest they had a friendly relationship, but Trump “publicly disavowed Epstein” after Epstein was arrested in 2019 and claimed they had a falling out fifteen years ago and haven’t spoken since, according to The Miami Herald

Trump told New York Magazine, “[Epstein is] a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it—Jeffrey enjoys his social life”. Prior to Epstein’s sexual assault conviction, Epstein attended many parties with Trump, according to Town and Country

Trump was also reportedly longtime friends with Ghislaine Maxwell. Shortly after Maxwell was charged for sex trafficking minors, Trump told reporters, “I wish her well, frankly”, when he heard the news of her arrest, according to the Washington Post. The Post also reported Steven Hoffenberg, who was associated with both Epstein & Trump, said, “Donald liked Epstein, but he was crazy about Maxwell, a very charming lady”.

Mike Bloomberg

Setting aside his lucrative business ventures, Mike Bloomberg has been a controversial in New York, being accused of being sexist and even being sued a number of times by women alleging sexual harassment & rape, according to Citizen Truth. The news organization said most of these allegations ended in non-disclosure agreements. 

Citizen Truth reported the parallels between Epstein & Bloomberg’s rich lifestyles and cited a number of mutual relationships Bloomberg & Epstein had, including Ghislaine Maxwell & Leslie Wexner. Bloomberg was also mentioned in Epstein’s infamous “little black book”, Epstein’s contact book discovered by Gawker including many of Epstein’s longtime associates, including billionaires, celebrities, politicians, and royalty. 

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