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Jeffrey Epstein is known for only a couple of things, and one of them is how rich he was. However, there are questions about how he made that money.

Jeffrey Epstein’s net worth is being investigated: The full details

Jeffrey Epstein continues to make headlines even after his suicide in 2019. Former associate Ghislaine Maxwell is now in custody and awaiting trial dates in 2021. With more evidence coming to light, people have become increasingly curious about Epstein’s personal affairs.

Epstein’s wealth is being called into question. What do we really know about the financier? Let’s find out.

Who was Jeffrey Epstein?

If you haven’t caught up with Netflix docuseries Filthy Rich, then you may not know much about the mysterious financier. Epstein started his career in New York City as a math teacher in Dalton School. In 1970, Jeffrey Epstein changed his profession and worked at the investment bank Bear Stearns before founding his own firm, J. Epstein and Co., in 1982.

Epstein specifically went after those with assets over $1 billion and became friends with some very powerful individuals known around the world. As Jeffrey Epstein’s social circle grew, so did his net worth.

In 2005, parents of a 14-year-old girl reported Epstein to the Florida police and stated he had molested their daughter in his Palm Beach home. Police searched the property in question and found numerous photos of nude or partially nude girls. Palm Beach Police Chief Michael Reiter told a newspaper: “This was not a ‘he said, she said’ situation. This was 50-something ‘shes’ and one ‘he’ – and the ‘shes’ all basically told the same story.”

Prosecutors later forged a deal in 2008, and while Epstein avoided federal charges, he was registered as a sex offender. In 2019, Epstein was arrested on charges of sex trafficking and paying young girls to have sex and perform sexual acts. The disgraced businessman faced up to 45 years in prison for his crimes and pled not guilty to the charges. A few months later, he committed suicide.

Dirty money

Jeffrey Epstein was a successful businessman. He owned a few properties, a private island, and his own private plane called the Lolita Express. Epstein used his money to bribe young women to perform sexual acts on him. So how much was the financier worth?

Many people call Epstein a billionaire as his actual net worth wasn’t widely known. Forbes disputes the claims about Jeffrey Epstein’s billionaire status and instead suggests that he was actually “worth a fraction of that.” According to a will signed by him two days before his death, Epstein was worth $577,672,654.

Attorney General Denise George subpoenaed bank BNP Paribas’s New York office to help locate the late businessman’s assets for his victims. George also sent subpoenas to several other U.S.-based financial companies in the hope that documents would be released.

It’s still a mystery how Epstein amassed such a large net worth. Denise George is attempting to uncover all the companies and individuals who may have helped fund the sex trafficking ring. Hundreds of victims between the ages of twelve & seventeen have come forward about Epstein’s abuse. George is ensuring they get justice even after his death. 

Alleged co-conspirator Ghislaine Maxwell is suing Jeffrey Epstein’s estate for legal & security fees. Currently, Maxwell’s being held in custody awaiting a trial facing charges of sex trafficking. Maxwell is also in custody for allegedly recruiting young women and two counts of perjury connected to Epstein.

Will Jeffrey Epstein’s real net worth finally be revealed? Will Ghislaine Maxwell be found guilty? Let us know your thoughts on their alleged crimes in the comments.

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