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Known for her relationship with Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell has finally begun her trial. Now, will she reveal other sex trafficking insiders?

Do Ghislaine Maxwell's siblings have her back? Delve into claims made by Ian Maxwell and see for yourself.

Before Ghislaine Maxwell was weathering her current scandal, Robert Maxwell was on the precipice of his own. Learn about the scandals of Maxwell family.

Did the FBI catch Ghislaine Maxwell because of her net worth? Discover how Maxwell's unclear net worth may keep her behind bars until her trial.

Ghislaine Maxwell is the former girlfriend of disgraced financier & convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. Could she be granted bail?

Will Ghislaine Maxwell be held accountable for crimes across borders in 2020? Which countries are investigating Maxwell?

A judge made a statement implying Ghislaine Maxwell is a victim of Jeffrey Epstein. But how true is her statement?

How did Jeffrey Epstein attain his massive net worth? Here’s a list of the billionaires who could have done business with Jeffrey Epstein.

The relationship between Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein is still a mystery. Did Maxwell’s father arrange for them to meet?