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After the resignation of HYBE CEO band PD, ARMY's left wondering what will happen to BTS? Check out the deets on the band's future right here!

Bang PD resigns: What does this mean for the band BTS now?

Bang Si-hyuk, also known as Bang PD, has stepped down from his role as CEO of HYBE Corporations. The Big Hit founder is known for his management of the hit Korean band BTS. The CEO who helped BTS go from a small unknown group to the world’s most beloved K-pop band has decided to step down.

What does this mean for the future of BTS? What will Bang PD do now since he’s no longer CEO? Here’s the scoop on HYBE Corporations’ newest CEO and the future of BTS & Bang PD!


HYBE working towards global progress

On July 1st, it was reported that Bang PD will be leaving as CEO and remain as the chairman of the board of directors. He will also be dedicating more of his time & effort to producing music for his popular music groups

This change has been reported to be part of the company’s goal to accelerate efforts in making global advancements for HYBE starting this year. As Bang PD steps down, the former CEO of HYBE HQ, Park Ji-won, has been appointed as the new CEO of HYBE.

Park Ji-won is also known as the former CEO of the game publisher, Nexon Korea. Now, Park will be handling HYBE’s management strategy & overall operations. The corporation has also altered its American division. HYBE’s U.S. unit will now be managed by Lenzo Yoon & Ithaca Holdings’ founder Scotter Braun.

The corporation has also established the brand new HYBE Japan. Han Hyun-rok has been appointed as the CEO of the newly established Japanese unit. HYBE Japan has plans of launching a new boy band soon.

Originally named Big Hit Entertainment, HYBE has evolved and reached farther than both BTS & Bang PD could have ever imagined. Although Bang PD has left his role as CEO, he now will be able to focus his energies on his passion which has always been music production (hence the nickname). He will also participate in major decision-making concerning major projects. 

How Bang PD made HYBE into what it is today

The former CEO has brought to the world some of K-pop’s biggest bands including ENHYPEN, TOMORROW X TOGETHER, and of course BTS. Bang PD has also been credited as writer & co-producer for various popular BTS songs.

The HYBE founder is also known as the person who handpicked the talented members of BTS. Bang PD discovered RM (Kim Namjoon) and signed the rapper/songwriter as the first member of the iconic band. He then began auditions for the other members where he found the rest of the group’s talented singers, rappers, and dancers.

Although Big Hit & BTS had a rough start, the team never ceased to work hard. After years of dedication, both BTS and its company found worldwide success. With the large revenue rolling in, Big Hit Entertainment became HYBE Corporations with numerous A-list musicians and entertainers. 

Fans’ reactions to Band PD stepping down

Twitter has been filled with countless reactions to the HYBE news. Fans’ overload of tweets has resulted in Bang PD trending on Twitter. Many fans are happy to see the former CEO return to what he loves most, which is music production.

A large number of fans are also remembering how Bang PD has mentored BTS since they were first formed. However, some fans can’t help but comment on how attractive the new HYBE CEO apparently is.

One person posted a quote from Bang PD when he was giving advice to BTS. He once told the band, “Don’t ever forget your love for music and how great your fans are. You should find a way to be happy. If you keep going like this, I worry that you might feel miserable.” Now, fans believe that Bang PD is taking his own heartwarming advice. 

Although Band PD is no longer CEO, he will remain an integral part of HYBE & BTS’s future projects. How long have you been listening to the band BTS? Let us know in the comments below!

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