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Does BTS star V have a girlfriend? Find out whether the K-pop singer is romantically linked to actress Kim Yoo-Jung.

BTS continues to top Billboard's Hot 100 chart for ten weeks! Take a look at how they broke a Billboard record and the "On" singers' rise to the

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Big Hit Entertainment runs some of the biggest K-pop groups, but people are starting to wonder why so many of their bands have used Nazi iconography.

Ready for a housewarming party? BTS Jungkook has just bought a lavish apartment in Itaewon, South Korea. Take a look at the pop singer's new digs.

BTS exploded all over the news scene in 2020 with triumphs and tenderness. Check out the year's highlights for the Korean boy band.

BTS fans are worried about Suga after his shoulder surgery. When will he recover so he can join the group again?

Big Hit Entertainment recently announced through an official statement that Suga from BTS has had surgery. Here are the reactions.