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Big Hit Entertainment recently announced through an official statement that Suga from BTS has had surgery. Here are the reactions.

BTS’s Suga got surgery: All the most heartwarming messages from ARMY

Bangtan Boys, popularly known as the boy band BTS, are riding on waves of success – from the explosive performance of their latest single “Dynamite” to promotions for their upcoming album BE – over the past few months alone BTS has broken more records than perhaps any other K-pop band. Now, they’re all geared up to break more records & set even higher standards with their new album.

Recently, the band members also earned a big fortune when Big Hit Entertainment – the record label behind the band – went public with its IPO & offered some shares to each member. To observe the vibe of victory around BTS, you need to look no further than the BTS ARMY, one of the most loyal fandoms any celebrity has ever had.

In the midst of all these celebrations came a piece of serious news. Big Hit Entertainment recently announced through an official statement that Suga, the band member known for his empathy & extroversion, has undergone surgery to repair his torn shoulder labrum. The surgery took place on November 3 & the statement was released three days later. 

The angel’s in the details

The statement clarified that the surgery was important as it addressed an issue that had been bothering Suga for quite a while now. Seeing as the BTS boys are always busy with promotions, recording, collabs, performances, etc, now’s as good a time as any to take a medical break. The statement mentioned that the surgery has gone successfully & that Suga is on advised bed-rest.

Yoongi aka Suga is supposed to “undergo a strict & unhindered period of recovery”, which means that Suga would be unable to participate in the promotional activities for their new album BE, as confirmed by Big Hit.

The shoulder injury in question dates back to before Suga’s BTS debut. He then also battled a dislocated shoulder in 2013, followed by a posterior labral tear of his left shoulder last year. Suga was, as per the statement, suffering acute symptoms lately, including the inability to raise arms & sudden bouts of pain. Once the symptoms started affecting the quality of life on a daily basis, he knew it had to be managed.

A concerned ARMY behind Suga

While the news raised alarm among the devout members of BTS ARMY, fans are also relieved that Suga’s received the required medical care & is in recovery. A special note was made imploring the fans for their understanding as Suga’s absence from the promotional tour would mean that it’ll be a while before he can meet his fans again.

In Suga’s own words, he is “very aware of how concerned and worried the fans must be, and knows how sad the fans must feel.” He added, “Please understand this time as being my chance to prepare to meet you again and healthy, and even if I must be away for a short while, please wait for me to come back to you.”

The ARMY sends its wishes

The ARMY has the reputation of being one of the kindest fans, and they’ve proven that once again in their wishes. They’re praying for a speedy recovery for the rapper & flooding social media with good vibes. 

One fan mentioned on Twitter, “Yoongi has suffered a lot for this, I am so happy he decided to put an end to this at last. It must have been such a hard decision as he might have to miss some activities as well. Hope he knows for us his health matters the most & we will be waiting for him.”

Fans have also been sharing photographs & memories from the good old days.

Other fans noticed how strong & resilient he’s been through all this & how loving he’s been to his fans.

Appreciation for Suga extended to his work ethic, too, when a fan mentioned how Suga was considerate enough to finish the album before taking a break, even though he was in so much pain.

Twitter’s been ablaze with hashtags like #GetWellSoonYoongi & #WeLoveYouYoongi. Fans have been nothing but incredibly caring & concerned, sharing that they’ll be waiting for Suga whenever he returns.


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  • OMG… I am so happy that he is safe and healthy… Get well soon meow meow and rest a lot! I am so happy that he did something about it before it got worse. Yoongi is a great person and an amazing rapper and he loves everyone. He is so sweet and the little baby doesn’t deserve to be in pain. He is an angel and a sweetheart. I am so happy that his surgery was succesful and he doesn’t have to deal with the problem anymore! He loves ARMY’s and he tried so hard in the past, while battling shoulder pains. He is such a prince! I love you Yoongi, and BTS!!! They are such an inspiration and everything is better with them. They make me smile, and laugh and cry. I think about them each and every moment of my life! You are so amazing Min Yoongi… and I pray to god everyday that this pandemic is over soon and I get to meet BTS!! Yoongi has been my bias for 4 years now, and it hurt me to know that he was in pain! Good thing he is getting better and recovering. At least Suga get’s to do what he loves, SLEEP!!!!
    We Purple You So Much! #GetWellSoonYoongi!

    November 9, 2020
  • Hi my name is veronique, ive been known BTS for quite a year now and appreciate their hard work so much, but after sometimes i heard the heart broking news of min yoongi torn shoulder in very sad about it i pray that he wel soon and to hear him rap again i appreciate his hard working, love always suga get well soon 💜💜

    November 11, 2020

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