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Anxious about the 'Harry Potter' TV series? Cast a cheering charm and laugh your way to bliss with these magical memes.

Celebrate the return of ‘Harry Potter’ by summoning these memes

We’re still trying to decide if the news about a Harry Potter television series being in development over at HBO Max is a good thing or not. While we don’t have an answer to that, we do have an answer for what the Harry Potter franchise is good for . . . memes. Harry Potter memes are basically the bread & butter of the internet at this point due to, well, everyone knowing what Harry Potter is. 

If you’re looking for some top-notch Harry Potter memes to cautiously celebrate the potential TV series, then here are some of the funniest ones that we can summon to amuse us all. Because if there’s one thing you can count it, then it’s a good meme from the Wizarding World. 

It’s gone off the rails!! 

Hermione knows all too well what happens when animal hair gets into a Polyjuice. Poor Hermione, second year was rough for her.

The slow horror of it all

We’re willing to bet that, at least, one teacher retired right before Teddy Lupin started school. 

Coming through in the clutch, Longbottom

Neville had it handled! He watched The Hurt Locker. It’s fine.

The duality of man: Rubeus Hagrid edition

What goes on in Hagrid’s head? Do you wonder

You broke out the old-timey cowboy accent, admit it

Listen if Divination actually had something about cowboys involved in the class, then those kids may have actually learned something.

This reminds us of something

It sounds like when your family is trying to talk around that racist/homophobic relative at Thanksgiving about the relationship that someone is in that would send them off on a rant. Why do we keep inviting them? 

Best magical school, Merlin’s foot

It’s really amazing that they didn’t close Hogwarts.

Wait . . . what?

It has to absolutely be wild that you’re getting mugged when someone comes to help you, and then it turns out to be Harry Potter. That just has to mess with your mind on some level. 

This is what we need

This is the sort of Ginny Weasley content that we need to see in the world. Please and thanks.

You think Hogwarts had to worry about COVID? 

Harry Potter & living that quarantine lifestyle, a story for 2020.

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