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Here are the best 'Harry Potter' memes worthy of a bunch of last-minute points to your house of choice that will send any Potterhead chuckling.

Tell us what to do, Dumbledore: The best ‘Harry Potter’ memes

Harry Potter has given us two decades worth of content whether we wanted the franchise to or not (looking at you Crimes of Grindelwald). In the modern age of the Internet, this means that we’ve had plenty of memes to poke fun at the beloved franchise. Let’s be real here, there is a lot of silly stuff in Harry Potter and we might as well poke fun at it.

Here are memes worthy of a bunch of last-minute points to your house of choice that will send any Potterhead chuckling. 

Ministry Entrance

Wizards often hide their entrances to their secret world in plain sight. It’s a brilliant strategy, until some poor kid tries to make way into the Ministry and gets stuck in a toilet.

Shut up, Malfoy! 

Dumbledore made some questionable decisions during his tenure as headmaster. Spending the Slytherins down to the dungeons where their common room is while a troll wonders Hogwarts? It’s like he’s hoping some Slytherins get taken out.

The fifth Hogwarts house

Ah yes, the mysterious fifth Hogwarts house . . . Slotherin. Their traits? Sleeping, eating, and generally being very cute. We are all Slotherins in our hearts. 

Even wizards drive cars

If Mr. Weasley can make a Ford Anglia fly, then who’s to say Dumbledore can’t fill up a car with gas? Well, J.K. Rowling maybe, but are we still listening to those weird proclamations of hers? 

Some Dobby we used to know

Little known fact, Gotye was so upset about Dobby’s death in Deathly Hallows that he penned his famous song immediately following. 

How Snape Met Your Mother

One of the biggest plot twists has to be when Harry learned about the friendship between Snape and Lily. Just think of how easier it would have been if Snape went a different route.

Fashion Snape

We’re going to the old school meme format for this one, but fashion Snape is more than happy to deliver some sick burns. 

99 Problems

Harry Potter definitely had more than 99 problems over the course of the series, but catching the Snitch was never, ever one of them. Ever.

Harry Potter: Sass Master

Something that was toned down in the movie series was the sass of one Harry J Potter, but this meme reminds us of Harry’s sassiness aimed at Hagrid. 

Got your nose!

Voldemort’s true ire was always aimed at his missing nose. Now, he begins his long gestating quest for revenge.

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