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Any platform you look at seems to always have its share of beef. Grab your headphones and dive into the clash between FaZe Banks and Adam22. 

Did Faze Banks shame Adam22 on his podcast? Watch the creators clash

Any platform you look at, from YouTube to Twitch to podcasts, seems to always have its share of beef. In this case, the beef comes from the thick tension between e sports podcaster FaZe Banks and pop culture podcastor Adam22 after Adam22 interviewed FaZe Banks on his channel No Jumper on May 13th, 2021. 

Adam22 was discussing several recent topics with FaZe Banks and Mike Majlak, including Banks’s departure from Jake Paul’s latest project – then, things got heated. Naturally, Twitter had quite a bit to say about the confrontation as well as the arguments used in the interview. 

But what really happened and why did Adam22 get slammed? We listened in and found out a bit more about the conflict as well as the best reactions to the episode. Grab your headphones and dive into the clash between FaZe Banks and Adam22. 


This whole conflict can be summed up within a forty-second clip (that says alot about the internet these days, doesn’t it?) The conflict seems to have stemmed from one specific conversation the two had within the two-hour episode when Mike Majlak called out both Trisha Paytas, who is also a famous YouTuber who has recently been outed for racist remarks they made on Twitter, and Ethan Klein, a reaction YouTuber. 

Majlak was specifically calling the two out for being bullies online. FaZe Banks seemed to agree with Majlak about his assessment, but Adam22 argued that Paytes was actually a good person, as he had worked with them in the past. The other two shamed Adam22 for his defense, especially as the content he had made with Paytes was for OnlyFans specifically. 

But the biggest part of the tension came later when Banks went on to say how he liked Jason Nash. Nash is also a YouTuber who worked with David Dobrik and was formerly Paytes boyfriend before the two split. Naturally, Banks’ double standards were noticed by many in his audience. 

Twitter doesn’t forget 

Many who saw the interview took to Twitter to voice their opinion on the newfound beef between the two YouTubers as well as picking apart their arguments. The best of these reactions include: 

 Yeah that is a bit of a paradox, isn’t it? 

 We agree that the YouTuber doth protest too much . . . 

Alright, right to the point. 

You guys are really going for the low blows here! 

 If that’s the case, then Banks better start drafting apology tweets now. . . 

You said it, not us. . . 

Yeah, the big brain energy is not strong here. 

That is pretty rude if you think about it, to be honest. 

 Again going for the low blows here. 

*holds up hands* Guys, can’t we talk about this? 

What are your thoughts on the FaZe Banks and Adam22 clash? Drop them below in the comments while the threads are still going (and going, and going, and going. . .). 

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