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Any platform you look at seems to always have its share of beef. Grab your headphones and dive into the clash between FaZe Banks and Adam22. 

Gabbie Hanna’s time in the Vlog Squad looks far from pleasant. Watch this video from the Twitter account DefNoodles as we unpick the problematic behavior.

Trisha Paytas is a hilarious YouTuber who enjoys talking fast and posting personal vlogs. Here's how she rose to fame over the years.

Will David Dobrik face the consequences for his content? How have the recent allegations affected his YouTube career? Let’s dive in.

Vlog Squad or career Suicide Squad? David Dobrik has finally addressed several allegations against him in a new YouTube video. Can this save his career?

Vlog Squad member Scotty Sire released a video defending the actions of fellow Vlog Squad members David Dobrik & Jason Nash. Watch the video now.

YouTuber and Chipotle lover David Dobrik is under fire by a former Vlog Squad member. Is Dobrik guilty of instigating sexual assault? Let's find out.

New allegations against Vlog Squad aren't the first accusing the channel of problematic behavior. Delve into the accusations against the influencers here.

Time for another YouTube scandal! This time, we have Vlog Squad leader David Dobrik being accused of staging sexual assault. Learn about the infamous video!