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Okay, seriously, what in the world is going on in Florida? Here are some hilarious and dark Florida man memes to make you laugh.

These dark Florida Man memes will give you a cheap laugh

Okay, seriously, what in the world is going on in Florida? Is there something in their water? While we try and regain our sanity after finding these Florida Man memes, enjoy laughing at their stupidity. Oh, and be sure to let us know which one is your favorite down below.

The hero we deserve . . .

Maybe if the cops would do their job better Florida men wouldn’t have to step in and do it for them 🙊.

WWE star makes a guest appearance

He has to practice his wrestling moves somewhere. What else is he supposed to do?

Happily ever after

. . . well . . . that story was a wild ride. Do you think it’s true?

Invincible Florida Man

Is it possible to learn this power? Let’s be honest, an invincible Florida Man is very scary.

“Deflects tasers”

Uh . . . Florida Man better get him under control soon. We don’t want Oregon man to become a meme.

A hero?

This Florida Man is a public servant. Free public transport for all!

Never visit Florida.

Where did he hold the knife? Did he hold it in his mouth?

Prison Break?

Quarantine must have him very bored. We understand where this Florida Man is coming from.

Agile Florida Man

But why though? We understand being bored. But not that bored.

Of course it was a gator

Hopefully, he put a seatbelt on the gator during the drive? You gotta keep your gator safe.

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