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The world may be far from perfect right now, but you know what makes things just a bit better? Cute baby animals. Here they are!

Make your day better by looking at these photos of cute baby animals

The world may be far from perfect right now, but you know what makes things just a bit better? Cute baby animals. Despite how horrible things may be, it seems that we still can’t help but smile every time we see a cute pic of an animal. So if you’re having a bad day, or even just a normal one, smile along at all these absolutely adorable photos we’ve found of the cutest baby animals. We guarantee you won’t be let down. 

Cute pups

Let’s start off this list of cute baby animals with the classic: man’s best friend. Just look at the four of them together all cuddled up in one small picnic basket. There’s nothing better than seeing photos of adorable little puppies. We don’t know about you, but we’re on pic #1 and our day has already gotten a bit better already. 

Meow meow

Sleeping, cuddling kittens . . . All we want right now is to snuggle right up to these two babies and nap along with them. Just look at those little paws, and the blanket that’s wrapped so perfectly around them, and to top it all off, the perfect little flower crown placed on the right one’s ear. Aww.  

Wilbur, is that you? 

We can’t make a list of cute baby animals without including little Wilbur from Charlotte’s Web here. What’s better than a baby pig? Of course, what’s better than a baby pig is a baby pig posing on top of a giant strawberry! Just look how content the little piglet looks. 

Mother & baby

We love this photo because the mother looks absolutely fierce and ready to protect her child from whatever harm may come their way. The baby bear is clutching on to their dear life, ready for their mother to take them wherever the wind calls her, and it’s absolutely adorable. 


Of course we had to include just another mother and child duo pic in our cute baby animals list. The little one is sleeping ever so soundly while their mother protects them from danger, and it’s so beautiful to see. Here’s a fun fact: Did you know that otters hold each other’s hands when they go to sleep so they don’t lose one another? How cute is that? 

We’re not crying over this one, you are!

Just look at how happy this little baby seal looks! Just waddling their way through life with a huge smile on their face. Are there tears of joy in your eyes yet, because we’ve got to admit we’re definitely tearing up just a little bit on our end. 

Baby pandas in baskets

Out of all the cute baby animals, we have to say baby pandas might just be on the top of the list of being the most adorable kind of animal. Their curiosity, their natural humor, and their aloofness just makes us want to give them a big, big hug (although we warn you not to do that. Believe it or not, they can be dangerous). Look at their cute little stomachs, and to make it even cuter, these babies are all lying in small baskets!

Tiny, soon to be giants

Look how adorably mischievous baby elephants look. Elephants are such playful & fun animals, and their tiny little trunks are making us go crazy over how cute they are. Not to mention their beady little eyes just look so, so sweet. 


We’ve fallen head over heels for fluffy baby cows. Just look at how pretty their long eyelashes are and how cute they look. It’s hard not to smile looking at this cute picture. 

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