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Distract yourself from the election anxiety with cute videos of baby animals! Here are our favorites.

U.S. election anxiety got you down? Look at some cute baby animals

Election anxiety is no joke. People are on edge now more than ever. There are many ways to cope with election anxiety, some being healthier than others. . . (this drink we just made is pretty strong). One way to cope is by distracting yourself with cute videos of baby animals! 

Now you might think, “I need to be updated on this election” and you would be correct, but don’t you think it would be easier if you took breaks to watch little animals drinking milk out of a baby bottle? 

Here are our favorite cute baby animal videos. Brace yourself for cuteness in three, two, one. . .

Baby duckling

You’ve probably seen videos of baby animals falling asleep, but have you seen this video of a baby duckling fall asleep while wearing an upside-down flower as a hat? (It’s too ducking cute!

Baby sloth

Have you seen that video of Kristen Bell sobbing over meeting a sloth? We understood then, but now we really get it. Look at how this little sloth clings onto her stuffed animal friend! Since sloths don’t usually get bathed, she must have been a bit confused! She really hung in there. . . (get it?

Baby monkey

How precious is this baby monkey? She’s dying for him to hurry up with the milk. She was so hungry she ate a leaf and then spit it right out. Then she went right back to trying to get a hold of that milk bottle. She must have been thinking, “Stop monkeying around and give me my milk!” 

Baby polar bear

When this baby polar bear snuggled with a white teddy bear of the same size, it felt like all of our troubles vanished away (at least for a moment). Watch how fast this cub grows from being only seven days old to almost two years old. 

Baby elephant

The title of this video may be “Baby elephant throwing a tantrum”, but it looks more like it should be called “Baby elephant scratches its butt and then falls down and struggles to get back up but eventually does”. That may be a little bit too long of a title though. We wanted someone to help the baby elephant stand back up, but we also loved watching it squiggle around like Bambi on ice. 

Baby deer

Speaking of Bambi, check out this baby deer being rescued! This poor baby deer was found wet and shivering. After hours of waiting, the baby’s mom was nowhere in sight. The baby deer was rescued, given bottles of milk, and a stuffed giraffe that appeared to be bigger than her! After they rescued other baby deer, she was no longer alone and had little baby deer friends. Hopefully they’re all fawn’d of each other! 

Baby chick and kitten

You know the heart-eyes emoji? That’s the best way to describe this video. That’s it

Baby otter

Otters are so cute that Zooey Deschanel even named her daughter Elsie Otter. In the movie Finding Dory, otters distract drivers on the highway by being so darn cute. Did you know that otters hold hands when they are sleeping to keep from drifting away from each other? (Just when you think they couldn’t be any more adorable!)

Baby panda

You’ve probably seen the video of the baby panda sneezing, but have heard the cute little squeaky noises they make? (We might have let out numerous awwwws while watching this one. . .) 

Babies and dogs

What’s better than videos of dogs sleeping? Videos of babies and dogs sleeping together! When they snuggle up together, it doesn’t get much cuter than that. (We just know they’re going to grow up together and be the best of friends.) 

Baby orangutan 

It’s difficult to get a good night’s sleep these days. Try watching this relaxing video of baby orangutans getting ready for bed as you get ready for bed. . . or a nap. 

We hope these adorable videos provided some much needed distraction! Which was your favorite? Let us know! 

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