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If you need that pick-me-up because the world has got you down, then look no further! Here are some extra cute videos all about pandas.

Adorable videos: Are pandas the cutest bears in the world?

Pandas are some pretty freaking adorable bears. Just look at all the cute panda pictures and videos out in the world. If there is one thing that the internet loves, then it’s videos of animals being cute, especially ones like pandas. They’re definitely in the Top 10 favorite animals of the internet with cats, of course, being number one. Maybe all baby animals being number one, but it’s definitely close.

If you need that pick-me-up because the world has got you down, then look no further! We have five cute panda videos for you all to check out. You’ll swoon over how absolutely adorable these bears are. At the very least, these will bring a smile to your face guaranteed. We all need more smiles where we can get. So if it’s from cute panda videos, then it’s from cute panda videos!

1. Escape with the rake

Twitter user @Sci_Phile shared this video, we can just salute him for that. In the video, a zookeeper tries to rake up some leaves from the panda enclosure. Four baby pandas, however, have other ideas. From crowding the door in order to be free to play with the rake to climbing all over the zookeeper, the video is two minutes of content so tooth-rottenly cute, you’ll need a dental check-up afterward. 

It’s always fun to see how baby animals interact with humans. Add in some cute panda cubs? We’re a puddle on the floor. We’re Alex Mack. Is that reference too old? We don’t care. It’s adorable.

2. Cute pandas playing on a slide

This video hails from the Chengdu PAW YouTube channel and thank you for the quality content. While the video is eight years old, it just proves that cute panda content is eternal. In the video, we see two pandas playing on a playset and going down a slide. Yes, we’re melting, and so are the over 24 million people who viewed the video. You go down that slide pandas!

It’s just a reminder that there is good on YouTube because look at this quality content. Where else would we get it? 

3. Panda ASMR/Mukbang

There is an overlap in people who like ASMR and people who like Mukbang. It’s probably not a big one, but it’s there. In this video uploaded to PandyPie on YouTube, you add in a cute panda as well. Basically, this is about three minutes of a giant panda eating bamboo shoots.

If you find the sound of people chewing to be soothing, which we’re not judging you do you, then this may be the video to check out. Plus look at that! How cute! 

4. Sneezing Baby Panda

Baby animals sneezing is some of the cutest things out there on the internet. This is a hill that people will die on. You know what? It’s a valid hill. Just look at this 2016 video where a baby panda sneezes. It’s adorable on several levels. First, just look at the scene with the mother and baby! Cute! Then that baby panda lets loose a loud sneeze that scares the full-grown panda. It’s amazing.

Cute baby panda sneezes? It’s internet gold. How many times will you watch this 19-second clip? Possibly too many. The part where the big panda has a Jim from The Office stare is priceless. 

5. Panda cuddles

Panda numbers, believe it or not, have been improving. The status for the species has been upgraded from endangered to vulnerable. Still, every new baby panda helps stabilize the population more. In this recent video, we see a mama bear panda Mei Xiang cuddle and nurse her newborn cub. It’s just such a cute panda video that you want to cry from happiness.

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