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The magical cuteness of animals is the ultimate cure to all of your problems. Prepare to be charmed by these cute animal memes.

Cute animal memes: Prepare to say nothing but “aww” for ten minutes

Sometimes when life gets too stressful there’s only one thing to do – soothe your soul with the infinite cuteness of animals, of course. Just look into those wide eyes, that fuzzy face, those little toe-beans, and your worries will dissipate.

The magical cuteness of animals is the ultimate cure to all of your problems. Trust us – one look at these little ones and you won’t remember anything about pesky work deadlines, annoying Karens, or surging political chaos. Step away from it all for a bit and prepare to be charmed by these cute animal memes

Must respect the blankets

Swaddled in the warmth & comfort of blankets, this kitty has an allegiance to laziness. Could you imagine disturbing this kitty’s contentment? Only forces of true evil would tear this kitty from those beloved blankets. 

Trash talk with your local raccoon

Raccoons may be a total nuisance but no one can deny how adorable they are. This raccoon has some serious business to talk about. Can you imagine how much your raccoon knows about you just from looting through your garbage? You have some explaining to do and you better try and take this little guy seriously. 

Do not disturb: laziness in progress

Do you believe this kitty plans to get up and create a masterpiece anytime soon? No, neither do we. Just look at how cozy that is! Inspiration is just going to have to wait until this kitty gets some beauty sleep. 


Is anyone not going to try this the next time you’re at Starbucks? Every puppy needs a puppuccino in the morning to get the day going. Just look at how much this pup loves the cream in that cup! 

Ruined family photo

Isn’t that always the way? Someone is always bound to make a funny face right before the shot is taken. But that’s okay, we think this kitty made the photo extra special with that ill-timed mew or yawn. 

Baby blubber

Whoever said chubby isn’t cute needs to take a look at this baby seal. Eat fish all day, sleep all night – who needs to work out anyway? This little seal knows how we feel when people ask about working out. 

Baby Chewie

If you’ve ever wondered what a baby Wookie would look like, now you know. Cutest being in the galaxy? We think so! Looks like Baby Yoda may have some competition now. 

No elephant – you’re the cutie! 

Can you imagine? Elephants think we’re cute? Maybe they’d rethink that if this little guy looked in the mirror. Our cuteness hardly compares. 

Beware – the terrifying batcat! 

We’re so sorry if this spooked you – we couldn’t help but share the terror of this itty-bitty batcat. We sincerely hope that you’ll have “nightmares” about this kitty. 

Please please baby owl

Who knew baby owls like pets? We’d be happy to oblige. Those feathers look super soft, and this baby owl could literally fit in the palm of your hand. Could they get any cuter?

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