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Carole Baskin is once again the talk of the town after her appearance on 'Dancing With the Stars.' Here are some fantastic memes about her dancing debut.

The best memes from Carole Baskin’s first appearance on ‘DWTS’

Donning a bright pink desk with a vibrant tiger print pattern, Carole Baskin hit the dance floor as a contestant on Dancing with the Stars. Known for her role as a wildlife activist on Netflix docuseries Tiger King, Carole Baskin brought viewership & controversy to her appearance on Dancing with the Stars.

Serious suspicions have been circulating about Baskin’s involvement in the disappearance of her husband Don Lewis. An ad was even taken out during the DWTS premiere demanding answers about his disappearance. 

The internet has roared with comedic (and non-comedic) rumors that Baskin killed her husband – something that Joe Exotic loved to mention on Tiger King. Investigations have been launched, and everyone seems to have an opinion about Carole’s murderous intent. 

Thus, some people are upset that Carole Baskin made it onto DWTS. Others, of course, are delighted that their favorite, quirky Tiger King star is getting more screen time. Either way, Carole Baskin is once again the talk of the town. Here are some fantastic memes about Carole Baskin’s role on Dancing With the Stars. 

Kalabar Carole

Considering how atrocious Kalabar looks in Halloweentown, this meme is pretty cruel. But somehow – it’s oddly accurate. Sorry Carole, your face is just too maniacal.

Sore loser

It’s not a question whether or not Carole Baskin will lose. Did you see her dance? The question is – how will she handle it? Will she go down guns blazing? 

Lewis looking down

Isn’t it a bit unsettling that someone under investigation gets to compete in a televised dance competition? How would Don Lewis feel seeing the world celebrate her? 

Poor Pasha

We must protect Carole’s dance partner, Pasha. 

Congrats, murderer

How else are we supposed to react? She’s a murder suspect!

Killed her husband, whacked him

Wouldn’t a dance to her TikTok song be fantastic? Too bad she probably doesn’t want to dance to a song that talks about her feeding her husband to tigers.

Too hard to watch

Even Carole’s tigers can’t watch her shoddy performance on DWTS

Joe Exotic votes

We’d love to know what Joe Exotic thinks of Carole Baskin going on DWTS while he sits in prison

I’ll kill you

Poor DWTS judges. It was nice knowing you. 

Too accurate

How is this so accurate? But seriously – we’re rooting for Johnny Weir. (Less so for Carole Baskin.)  

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