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Take a look at these stupendous BTS fan art drawings. The way these artists capture your bias will knock your socks off!

Beautiful fan art: Look at these drawings of your BTS bias

It’s hard to get tired of looking at BTS fanart. ARMY has so many creative ways of bringing out the best in their biases. One of the most fun things about BTS fan drawings is that they vary so much in style. The drawings come in all kinds of mediums with all kinds of concepts, overflowing with all kinds of love. 

Take a look at the latest BTS fan drawings and decide which is your favorite. Do you favor the pieces that capture a bunch of BTS members at once or the ones that focus on just one? What about the medium? Which do you tend to like the most? Straight-up pencil sketches, ink pieces, digital drawings? Let us know in the comments! 

Kicking it off with a pencil sketch 

This simple, refreshing BTS drawing of Kim Taehyung was inspired by BTS In the Soop. If you haven’t caught an episode of this reality show you’re missing out. It’s a great opportunity to see your favorite biases in the wild – literally and figuratively. Soop means forest in Korean so you get to watch the BTS boys go about their everyday life in a forest setting. 

One viewer described the experience of kicking back and watching BTS In the Soop this way: “So much warmth and comfort watching them relax and find time for themselves. Especially during this difficult time, these boys are a ray of sunshine goofing around and being just themselves makes me so happy too.” 

Knock it off! 

The way the flames are going in the background is first-rate. With such severe faces, this piece kind of reminds us of Avatar: The Last Airbender’s Zuko. The tension between these three is palpable and we love the cartoonish style. Two thumbs up. 

A new meaning to “he’s got the whole world in his hands” 

If you listened to BTS’s “Map of the Soul 7” you’re familiar with Jin’s single “Moon”. This fanart is pretty much the perfect accompaniment. Those surreal Little Prince vibes are doing it for us. 

Heh heh, Kookie, Get it? 

This drawing speaks for itself, which is part of what we love so much about it.  The chibi photo reel was an especially nice touch. 

Did we mention BTS In the Soop?

This Soop moment with RM is treasured by ARMY and this drawing captures the cute essence perfectly – all the more reason you should go watch it! 

Wistful Jiminie 

We appreciate the breezy simplicity in this sketch. You can tell what dedicated attention the artist gave to Jimin’s lips and eyes. The wistfulness & hazy sadness is well-captured, and the contrast between the stark contours of his hair & the soft lines in his face are artful. It’s a nice juxtaposition. Nice work. 

Silly in pink 

We haven’t seen many colored pencil sketches in the BTS fanart community, so this one was a fresh sight.  The face highlights are especially well executed. He looks vibrant with life! 

Jungkook photobomb! 

You can never get enough chibis. 

You’ve got to love a detailed pencil drawing 

The realism in this one is stellar. Kim Taehyung has boredom radiating off him. 

Jimin mid-sing 

A drastic white highlight with toned drawing paper never fails to impress. This artist really captured Jimin’s essence well. 

We know, we know 

Another Jimin drawing. But how can someone look so gorgeous even when their face is covered? Surely that’s illegal. And of course, we have to give a shout out to the outrageous skill of this artist. Look at all the shirt wrinkles and the glints of light off his jewelry. Great stuff! 

Get a load of this pretty watercolor 

This fanart of BTS being goofy at home hits different. From their rosy blushes to the varied perspectives, there’s a lot to appreciate in this BTS fanart. Thanks for sharing this with the world. 

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Posted by BTS FanArt – Chibi/Anime on Tuesday, January 17, 2017

So precious!

Don’t ever let an art teacher tell you chibis aren’t art. I mean, look at this adorableness. If Suga in his cutest form isn’t worthy of looking at, we don’t know what is. Until next time, folks. 

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