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We all look at art and listen to music, but while we do, we often don't notice how it changes us for the better. Read about the full

Wall prints also offer more classy and vibrant ways to enhance the look of the entire home decor. Here are some gorgeous wall art ideas for you.

Meet the hottest new artist on the market now, Hunter Biden! Delve into how much his artwork goes for, and how much his creations will boost his net

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They teach you everything – from brushstrokes to water paint, digital and designs. Here are a few of our favorite art channels on YouTube!

Painting and sketching are both popular artforms. Find out what the main differences are between the two styles.

Have you visited the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum? With Netflix you'll get the inside scoop with their latest documentary. Check it out now!

Paint by Number is a popular painting outlet. Here are some of the painting supplies to make your Paint by Number project thrive.

Paint by Numbers is one of the most relaxing hobbies to have. Here's why you should invest in a paint by numbers kit if you can.