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Do you love art? You need to check out these documentaries about some of the world's most famous artists!

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Nothing makes a home feel as vibrant as wall art. From paintings to photography, make your next purchase the piece that brings your interior design to life!

Many believe that copper is the first metal to be discovered. Here are the most common and useful uses of copper.

If you want to sell your art and gain popularity, you must understand auctions. These opportunities are rare, and you must maximize your chances of success.

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Doomsday Evolution is the new exhibition by artist Tong Wang. Learn more about the exhibition and the artist here.

'Pulling a Tooth from a Tiger's Mouth' is the new exhibition from artist Xianglong Li. Learn more about the exhibition here.

Coloring can be a fun and rejuvenating activity. Here's all the creative things to do with your coloring pages.