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If you need to buy someone (or yourself) a tech gift, here are the best Black Friday deals. From Best Buy to Target, check out these great sales.

Black Friday tech deals: Best Buy, Target, and more

Black Friday is less of a day in the year and more of a phrase to describe holiday sales these days – especially this year. To prevent massive crowds of people shoving through doors and store aisles this year lots of chains are doing extremely extended Black Friday sales. Some of them have even already started!

So, if you know you need to buy someone a tech gift (or get one for yourself – we won’t tell) then you’ll want to know about all the best deals your favorite store brands have to offer. From Best Buy to Target to Amazon and more, here are all the sales you need to know about.

Best Buy

The first place you probably think of to buy tech from is Best Buy – tech is, after all, kind of their thing. It’s a one-stop-shop for anyone looking to buy some new electronics.

The first thing to know is that along with general holiday season sales they also have daily deals that change every day so if there’s something you’re really hoping will come down in price & Best Buy is where you want to buy it, then you’ll have to check back on their site every day.

As for sale items that last more than a day, here are the gems we found while perusing their site that we think people need to know about.


For some reason TVs and Black Friday have almost become synonymous, so here are the best sale prices on Best Buy TVs.

If you’re wanting a pretty sizable TV but not wanting to shell out too much money, then the Insignia 43” TV being sold at Best Buy is worth considering. It’s $100 dollars off – the original price was $299.99, but it’s currently going for $199.99. The TV is an LED 4k UHD smart TV with Amazon Fire built in. This is a pretty fantastic price for a 4k TV.

If you’re looking for a much more sizable TV you’ll be spending more, but Best Buy is having a pretty good sale on their Samsung 65” TV. The original price was $999.99, but it’s currently going for $897.99. (A price drop of $102.) It’s a QLED 4k UHD smart TV, and will definitely provide you with a stunning picture.


Need a laptop, er uh, need to buy a laptop as a gift? Here are the two best sales at Best Buy.

The HP Chromebook 2-in-1 (meaning it can fold back into a tablet) laptop is a great choice for someone who needs a computer on the go, but doesn’t need a lot of software. It’s also a lot cheaper than most laptops. It has 8 gigs of memory and 64 gigs of flash memory and has a 14 inch screen.

Do keep in mind that Chromebooks run on Google Chrome OS and that means the laptop essentially just runs internet programs. It doesn’t allow you to download programs like Microsoft Word, Photoshop, or video games. Chromebooks are best for people who are comfortable with Google Docs and mostly do web-based activities like Netflix and social media. You can download apps from the Google Playstore, however.

If you need a laptop with a little more power then the Dell Inspiron 13 laptop might be up your alley. It’s also a 2-in-1 (yay touch screens), but it also boasts a 13.3” 4k screen. It has 16 gigs of memory, 512 gigs of SSD memory, and 32 gigs of optane. This is a little beast of a laptop and it’s being sold for only $1,099.99 (a price drop of $200) – cheaper than a lot of phones these days.


Target is also doing Black Friday all month long, and their products change weekly. But we’ve scoured their site for the best electronics deals at the moment.


If you’re looking to pick up an activity tracker for you or a loved one this holiday season then you may want to consider grabbing a Fitbit Charge 4 from Target. They’re currently being sold for $99.95 (dropped from the original price of $149.95). It comes in two colors – black & rosewood (essentially a dark red). It has built-in GPS, 24/7 heart rate tracking, a seven day battery life, and bluetooth phone connection capability.

Beats headphones

Good quality headphones are pricey – getting cheap ones always leads to discomfort, bad audio quality, or worse, both. Beats seem overhyped, but they’re high quality headphones. Currently Target is selling Beats Studio3 wireless headphones for $174.99 (a whopping $175 price cut). The headphones are wireless and come in eight color options – a myriad of grays & blacks, desert sand, red, white, forest green, and sand dune.

AirPods Pro

Target sells more than portable audio devices, but their AirPods Pro sale is also worth keeping in mind. If you know an Apple lover who is going to be putting Airpods on their wishlist then know that Target is selling them for $199.99 right now. The regular price is $249.99, so this is a pretty good deal for the pricey earbuds.


Amazon hasn’t announced their Black Friday sales, but since they’re an online retailer they don’t have to worry about forcing people to social distance. This means they’re still intending to do a one day sale, so get your fingers primed & ready to type in that credit card number quickly before they sell out of whatever you find on their site November 27th.

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