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UFO videos: The best proof otherworldly visitors probably exist

Since the announcement from the U.S. Dept. of Defense that UFOs are real, UFO enthusiasts all over the world are congratulating themselves on being right. Since Roswell, the modern UFO era has ushered in believers in alien life forms, despite the government’s insistence that there’s another explanation for random lights in the sky. 

Records of UFO sightings actually go back to ancient times. However, it wasn’t until recently that we were able to photograph or take videos of these strange flying saucers. 

While we wait for the DOD to declassify more UFO footage, let’s take a look back at some famous videos of UFOs captured around the world. Are they real, or is there another explanation? Let’s take a look at some of the most famous UFO sightings. 

The Pentagon’s declassified footage

A couple of months ago, the Pentagon declassified three UFO videos showing very accurate, alien-looking spacecraft piloting across the sky. This was part of their announcement of a new military branch dedicated to UFO studies. 

One video shows the silhouette of a classic flying saucer. Another shows a UFO flying at an inhuman speed across the ocean. The latter video was taken in 2015 over the Eastern Seaboard during a flight training exercise. The UFOs were captured using infrared cameras.


Aguadilla Airport

In 2013, video footage of a UFO sinking into the ocean leaked. The footage was captured from an airport in Puerto Rico. Apparently, the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security tried to keep it from getting out, but it went viral on YouTube anyway. 

Puerto Rico is part of the Bermuda Triangle, where ships & airplanes are rumored to vanish all the time. One theory behind their disappearance? The Bermuda Triangle is a portal for aliens and UFOs. 

The Phoenix Incident 

In 1997, thousands of people in Arizona, including the governor, reported seeing UFOs. The UFOs were triangular in shape and moved in a V pattern. A video caught footage of the UFOs passing over Arizona, clearly showing a V-shaped pattern of lights in the sky. 

The Dept. of Defense tried to say the alleged UFOs were from flares they launched as part of an exercise. However, the slow, steady motion of the lights cast doubt on their cover. 

Similarly, thousands of Belgians saw identical UFOs several years before the sighting in Arizona. Fighter jets chased them off as they flew away at record-breaking speeds. However, the only video footage of the UFOs in Belgium is grainy. 

The Dudley Dorito

Arizona & Belgium weren’t the only places these triangular UFOs were spotted. In The UK, residents in The Midlands saw many of these UFOs over decades. Called “The Dudley Dorito” by locals, this UFO has been photographed and caught on video several times

This UFO got its name from Dudley, the town it’s been sighted in, and for its shape, like a Dorito with lights. It appears much larger than a jumbo jet and villagers are still baffled about what it is. 

Falkirk, Scotland

Through the 1990s, videos of UFOs emerged over this small area of Scotland. Beginning in 1992 and ending in 1997, civilians claimed to see UFOs in small villages like Falkirk near Fife. One politician, after seeing the UFO, wrote to former Prime Minister Tony Blair about it. The Ministry for Defense didn’t find anything, and many villagers believe it was a hoax to drive tourism. 

The 2012 London Olympics

During the opening ceremony, lights could be seen far above the crowd. Seems reasonable for a metropolis like London, right? Except aircraft were banned from flying over the city due to the massive amount of fireworks. While some people believe it was aliens, it could also have been lens flares. 

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