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For as long as there have been stories of UFOs, there have been stories of alien abductions. Here are some of the craziest abduction stories.

All the craziest alien abduction stories of all time

For as long as there have been stories of UFOs, there have been stories of alien abductions. While people are on the fence whether or not to believe them, many think the possibility of aliens is viable. It’s just them abducting humans for experiments that things get off the rails. Either way, there have been some famous claims of alien abductions over the years and they’re all pretty wild.

What are the craziest stories of alien abductions out there? What abductions are so wild, so weird, and so crazy that we kind of want them to be true? (And maybe are a little scared of what it means if it is true?) For those of you curious about these alien abduction stories, here are four of the craziest alien abduction tales.

Betty and Barney Hill

In Sept. 1961, Betty and Barney Hill were driving home from a honeymoon in Niagara Falls. While driving down the darkened road, they were followed by a strange light. What follows is both bafflingly and one of the best documented cases of UFO sighting and abduction…ever. What happened in the missing two hours of the couple? What of the strange dreams and memories that they recovered? What happened?

We may never know the answer. As the Hills underwent hypnosis, some of the answers came to light. Betty Hill, in particular, was insistent that she and her husband had been abducted by aliens. Her insistence as being truthful about such claims led to government agencies taking the Hill abduction seriously. What happened that night in 1961? It could be an alien abduction. 

Travis Walton

This case of alien abduction has a lot of people on the fence. Whether or not you believe the story comes down to your feelings on lie detector tests along with how you feel about who is making the claims. In 1975, Travis Walton was working as a forestry worker in Snowflake, Arizona. One night, Walton and his coworkers saw a strange craft in the sky. Walton was knocked out and his friends fled, but was missing upon their return.

Walton was missing for five days until he finally turned again. Over the years, he’s stuck to his story about his abduction, including seeing grey aliens and some human/alien hybrids. But he has also failed a couple of lie detector tests and passed others, which people point as proof that he is lying. So the whole case is kind of messy, but deeply interesting. The film Fire in the Sky is based on his experience.

Meng Zhaoguo Incident

We’re heading to China for this next story of alien abduction. In 1994, a man named Meng Zhaoguo was in the Red Flag Forest of Heilongjiang. Meng Zhaoguo says that he and a relative that he was travelling with followed a strange object in the sky in the forest. He claimed to have watched the object descend.

Following this, Meng Zhaoguo says that he was harassed by the entities aboard the craft. He says that he would be taken from his home and forced to copulate with the aliens. One incident he recalls is them showing him Mars, which they claim was their homeworld. UFO communities in China are divided on the validity of the story. Many believe the initial incident occurred, but others believe the subsequent encounters are false.

Pascagoula Abduction

What is it about alien abductions and the 1970s? Guess aliens just really like bell bottoms. In 1973, co-workers Charles Hickinson and Calvin Parker claim that they were abducted by aliens while fishing. They said that while fishing they heard a strange noise, saw two blue flashing lights, and a large object hovering above them. They were also conscious for the abduction.

The pair described three creatures with “robotic slit-mouths” and “crab like pincers” taking them aboard the craft. While on there, the pair were subjected to an examination. Like all alien abduction encounters out there, it’s been divided into belief and skepticism whether or not people think the incident took place.

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  • In Sept 1986 , northern California myself and a friend observed 3 large circular discs, they were descending. We turned and started back down the mountain the way we came up.we were followed by beings ,after a night of terror I was the only one who came out.i had to file a missing persons report in person to the sheriff s office telling them the encounter, to this day my friend has not surfaced.i do not talk about this event very often.

    August 18, 2020
    • Hope the police took u seriously.

      October 18, 2020
  • my wife and i saw a long black round tube with flat ends about the size of a 747 fuselage it made no noise and was flat black no markings of any kind and just sat there we could hear the birds flying above it. Hawks and they were screeching at each other. that is when it took off moving with the long side forward very slowly. when it reached a cloud some distance away it shot straight up at a speed well over 1200 MPH. no sonic boom no nothing just straight up and gone. broad daylight blue sky’s during the Jacksonville air show, it was the same day. not at the show. i have worked with, on and around aircraft all my life. this was nothing like i have ever seen.

    September 9, 2020
  • My daughter and I were taking a hike three summers ago when we saw a gray-black disk swirling above our heads. We thought it was a frizbee, but there was no one around. We followed it for a while until I got a call from an unknown person. We had lost our dog about a week before, so I decided to answer in case it was someone calling about our dog. But it was just static. I walked back towards the visitors center with my daughter but there was no visitors center. We thought we were lost because we were in the middle of the woods, the large gray disk overhead. But then, just as my daughter seemed on the verge of tears, everything went back to normal. A truck pulled up and asked us if we were okay. The disk was gone. We said we were fine… but something was very strange, and we didn’t know what had happened.

    October 13, 2020

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