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Hey, all you cool cats and kittens! Have you been watching 'Tiger King' like the rest of us? Here's the best 'Tiger King' memes.

All the very best ‘Tiger King’ memes to get you through quarantine

Hey, all you cool cats and kittens! Have you been watching Tiger King like the rest of us and slowly get sucked deeper into the madness? Yeah! It’s definitely been a ride from start to finish. Tiger King came at the perfect time as we all descend into the madness of self-isolation. 

What better way to embrace the madness then to enjoy some lovely Tiger King memes? After all, it’s a tried and true method to express the insanity of the world (or people, or television series) by crafting memes to express that insanity. Tiger King has plenty to share. Here are some of our favorites.

1. Joe and Carole: Not so different?

Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin may attack each other. But, at the end of the day, maybe they’re more alike than they think? 

2. Joe Exotic re: an employee’s arm getting ripped off

The thing about that moment, however, is just how casually he announces it to the people in the park. Like yeah, an employee got her arm ripped off, but you can get a discount for it if you want.

3. Speaking of Saff’s missing hand

If you could keep your hand, then wouldn’t you have tried? Not that we’re questioning Saff’s decision except maybe a little bit. Still, live your own life there, Saff.

4. Joe can’t blame everything bad on Carole

Joe, however, will continue to blame everything bad on Carole Baskin because that’s the show. That’s it.

5. We’re all doing something wrong

Joe Exotic can snag three husbands. Meanwhile, the rest of us can’t even get a date. The world is a vast and mysterious place. 

6. Who is exploiting the animals? 

It’s just a never-ending circle of blame as to who is exploiting the big cats. 

7. Reality vs expectation with the name Tiger King

Tiger King has given us many things. But oh, the name is maybe a little bit misleading with what we were imagining about it. Not disappointed, just a little weirded out.

8. This show has everything

Bill Hader may have retired his Stefan character, but Tiger King was made for Stefan. Joel McHale shouldn’t have hosted the after-show special. We should have gotten Hader as Stefan doing it. 

9. Tiger King saves 2020

2020 has been a garbage year and Tiger King has been the only truly good thing to have come out of it. We have been united through Tiger King and its insanity.

10. We still think that Carole killed her missing husband though, lbr

Carole has distanced herself from Tiger King due to how she was portrayed in it. But. . . the internet still thinks that she more than likely killed her missing husband. We’re probably not going to change our minds anytime soon.

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