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Here are the best jokes surrounding the biggest joke of a year that’s 2020.

2020 feels like a prank: Here are the best jokes about it

April Fools! It’s still April, right? No? With how this new decade began, we’re hoping 2021 will be a lot calmer. Starting out 2020 with a global pandemic, bushfires, and tragic celebrity deaths are enough to make anyone mad. All we’re asking is – what’s next?

While we don’t have a crystal ball to see if 2021 will be another dumpster fire, we have the next best thing! Here are all the best jokes surrounding the biggest joke of a year that’s 2020. 🤡

Leap frog

2020 has been a crazy year. The fact it’s also a leap year has been completely overshadowed by the neverending onslaught of drama. Usually, the only change in days is the extra one added in February. 2020 feels like it’s never-ending and each month has been getting longer & longer. 😭

Spooky season

This Halloween has got even scarier as we’re completely unaware of what’s around the corner. Could it be Mike Myers? Chances are that it is. 

Silver lining

2020 jokes are starting to feel more painful than funny. Painfully relatable humor is our new favorite go-to. It feels like a whole decade ago we were scrambling in supermarkets for the last toilet roll. 🧻 Look at us now

Take me back

If we ever get to time travel, no way will we ever return to 2020. What about 2016? At least we had killer pop tracks. 🎶Now, all we have is a killer pandemic. Send help, Doctor Who!

Extreme masks

No matter how much you prepare, sometimes life can still find its way of getting you. 😷Here’s a daily reminder to wear your masks!

Cue Green Day

We gotta wake them up when September ends. Green Day, stop hitting snooze! We need you. This year feels like one never-ending & excruciating month. Let’s make September end.

2020 jokes recap

From wildfires to aliens, what’s next on the 2020 calendar? 🗓️Perhaps, we’ll get to see Godzilla strolling through the streets. Nothing’s too far fetched in 2020.

Wishing on a star

As Disney taught us all: 

“When you wish upon a star,
Makes no difference who you are,
Anything your heart desires,
Will come to you.”

We need all the quarters we can gather! 💰Break your piggy banks and empty it all into every fountain on Earth. Let’s put an end to the madness!

Day in the life

What did you get up to today? Did you move from your bed to your couch? You deserve a medal, not everyone was able to do that. 

This new way of life has made us appreciate working nine to five. Dolly Parton was right. Wait, is Dolly Parton a time traveler? 🧐

Zoom classroom

No need to rush and catch the school bus anymore. Turn on your laptop and you can enjoy a virtual class. 🖥️ Skipping classes can now be as simple as switching off your computer and ignoring the world. 

Happy new what?

Will we ever get to experience a new year? With how 2020 feels at the moment, it’s looking more unlikely by the day. We wouldn’t be surprised if a thirteenth month has been added just for 💩& giggles.

Summer tan 

We want to glow for the gods. We’d love to be laying on a beach relaxing and soaking in the sun. Instead, we’re getting tan lines from our masks. 2020, you cruel mistress!

Want to enjoy more relatable 2020 jokes? Here’s our article exposing our innermost thoughts about this monster of a year. Let us know your best jokes below. 

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