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Do you also agree with us that the cast of 'Anne with an E' was robbed of more seasons? If you also miss the cast, find out here what they're up to now.

‘Anne with an E’ deserves more seasons: Where is the cast now?

Anne with an E is an incredible coming-of-age series that premiered in March of 2017. The third & final season aired in 2019, yet in 2021, fans are still obsessed! In fact, plenty of fans are still holding out hope for a fourth season. 

The show focuses on a girl named Anne who struggles with abuse and other unthinkable difficulties while growing up as an orphan in a broken system. Despite the premise of the show being somewhat dark, it’s still filled with so many heartfelt moments and unforgettable storylines. One of the things that makes the show so special is the cast! Now that it’s come to an end, here’s what the cast has been up to. 

Amybeth McNulty

Amybeth McNulty played the leading role of Anne and successfully portrayed the character in a completely lovable & endearing way. These days, according to her Instagram where she has over 5.2 million followers, she’s enjoying life with her family, appreciating time with her friends, and proving that she is the ultimate animal lover – she poses for pictures with dogs, horses, and even pigs! 

The nineteen-year-old actress has remained single – unless she is privately dating someone and keeping those details out of the public eye. In 2020, she landed a leading role in a mind-bending movie called Maternal that’s categorized as a thriller. Seeing McNulty branch out into a new genre is nice, but fans are still hopeful to see her reprise her role as Anne one day!

Lucas Jade Zumann

Lucas Jade Zumann took on the deeply thoughtful and undeniably charming character of Gilbert Blythe, Anne’s love interest. In real life, he’s happily in love with his YouTuber girlfriend, Shannon Sullivan, who has over 216,000 subscribers. They’ve been together since 2018 and he even revealed that they were building a home together in 2019. 

Aside from his love life, Zumann has been spending quite a lot of time up in the air – as a pilot! Learning how to fly & operate aircrafts is certainly one of his biggest passions. He’s also been busy playing his guitar and covering popular songs for his social media fans to tune into. 

Geraldine James

The character of Marilla Cuthbert wasn’t necessarily too likable at first. Eventually, her tough exterior started breaking down and her relationship with Anne made her into someone who was easier to understand! 

She was played by Geraldine James, a woman who is as likable as they come without anyone needing to break down any tough exteriors. After Anne with an E ended, James starred in the movie Downton Abbey (2019) as well as the TV series Back to Life (2019).

Most excitingly of all, she recently revealed she was cast in a theater production of The Tempest, the classic play written by William Shakespeare. The transition between television & theater acting is something a seasoned actress like her can totally handle.

Dalila Bela

Anne’s best friend in the show, Diana Barry, was played by a talented young actress named Dalila Bela. Between the final episode of the show and now, Bela has been doing a lot to keep herself busy. 

She recently revealed she’s practicing social distancing amidst the current worldwide pandemic. She’s posting plenty of pictures with her closest family members, and she’s spending time learning new songs on her guitar. The self-proclaimed “bookworm” has even been promoting some of her favorite books on Instagram and encouraging her followers to check them out. 

Her greatest achievement since being on the show is most likely the fact that she graduated from high school along with the graduating class of 2020.

Aymeric Jett Montaz

Who else could have pulled off the witty and sarcastic character persona of Jerry Baynard as well as Aymeric Jett Montaz? 

After the show came to an end, fans haven’t seen much of Montaz when it comes to movie & TV roles, but they’ve been able to keep up with him on social media where he posts about his loved ones, his love for nature, and how much he misses being part of the cast of Anne with an E. Some of the throwback pictures he’s posted are absolutely adorable! 

Dalmar Abuzeid

Dalmar Abuzeid was cast as the role of Sebastian Lacroix, a character known for being resilient, easygoing, and generally nice to be around. After the show came to an end he landed a role in an athletic-centered movie called Goalie (2019). 

He also starred in a horror movie called Come Play and a political drama called The Comey Rule in 2020. Abuzeid’s newest project, a movie called Faith Heist, will be released on BounceTV in early April 2021.

If another epic season of Anne with an E really isn’t in the cards, it is incredible to see that the cast is still doing amazing things in front of the cameras for their brand new roles, as well as behind the scenes in each of their personal lives. Here’s to holding out hope a fourth season will eventually become our reality so we can see these talented actors join together on the same set once again.

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