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If you loved the locations in 'Anne with an E' as much as we did, consider checking out these places the next time you’re free to roam.

‘Anne with an E’ travel guide: Visit the prettiest filming locations

Are you missing Anne with an E because you just finished watching all the seasons and have realized the show has been tragically cancelled? We can’t tell you there’s a new season on the horizon, but we can help you feel all the feels with this ‘Anne with an E’ nostalgia travel guide. 

Obviously, this is something you’re going to want to lock away for when the novel coronavirus pandemic stops ravaging the international community. Having a potential travel plan can really liven up the spirit though. Anne with an E was shot in the breathtaking landscape of Prince Edward Island, Canada. 

The vistas in Anne with an E are absolutely picturesque. Remember, if you do plan to travel, especially overseas, use a trusted company that does professional document translation online for all your important travel documents. The variety of landscape is impressive and fertile ground for an imagination like Anne’s. If you loved the locations in Anne with an E as much as we did, consider checking out these places the next time you’re free to roam. 

Avonlea in Anne with an E 

While Avonlea is not a real place, Prince Edward Island is. The show Anne with an E is based on the book Anne of Green Gables. In it, author Lucy Maud Montgomery used her memories of her hometown of Cavendish to build the setting of Avonlea. It would be fun to visit modern-day Cavendish and see how much it resembles the setting of Green Gables.

Cavendish is very much a rural community in Prince Edward Island, Canada. In fact, you can even visit the Green Gables Heritage Place and see the place that inspired Montgomery to write about the beautiful setting of Anne of Green Gables. Planning a Victorian-era style picnic and attending the Charlottetown festival to watch an Anne of Green Gables musical are only a few things you can do at Green Gables Heritage Place. 

Green Gables Farm

The farm of Green Gables shot in Anne with an E is actually located in Ontario, Canada, more specifically the city of Pickering. We know, you wouldn’t really think the farm was in a city, but Pickering is a tranquil place.  It’s perched on the northern shore of Lake Ontario. 

Pickering is actually a popular filming spot for other shows as well. Hannibal, American Gods, and Suits, have all used the community of Whiteville for filming. It might be fun to try to figure out which spots. Pickering is known for its wealth of historical landmarks and untouched landscape. 

Prince Edward Island 

We’ve already mentioned that part of Anne with an E was shot on Prince Edward Island. The producers would have loved to shoot most of the show on Prince Edward Island, but it would have been hard for them to execute logistically. It was expensive to transport 200 members of the cast or crew, but that just means it’ll be much easier to transport little ol’ you. 

They couldn’t handle the burden but maybe without an overwhelming amount of people and equipment, you can. Prince Edward Island includes more than just the cute community of Cavendish. 

It has beautiful cliffs, sandy beaches, and rolling hills; Prince Edward Island has it all. You can visit Prince Edward Island to take a scenic drive along the beach, experience local aquatic cuisine, or check out one of their many nature parks. People have even been known to select Prince Edward Island as the setting of their destination wedding. 

There are many places that Anne with E can inspire you to go. Maybe you’ll add some of these places to your next travel itinerary.

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