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Will Amy Schumer's net worth go up now that this lookalike has appeared? Get on the road and dive into the reactions to this truck-stop doppelgänger.

Amy Schumer: Does Twitter think her truck stop selfie will boost her net worth?

Amy Schumer’s name is buzzing all over Twitter after her truck-driving doppleganger was showcased yesterday in a Twitter post from the Celina 52 Truck Stop. The account was revealed to be a parody account for a truck driving stop in Upper Cumberland, Tennessee, but that didn’t stop Twitter from taking this picture and running with it. 

Many have speculated that this might boost Amy Schumer’s net worth, which is currently at $25 million. The publicity has certainly sparked more interest in the comedian as people debate the legitimacy of the photo as well as the buzz the post created, including how Schumer’s doppelganger might have committed murder according to the initial post. 

Now that could lead to Amy Schumer’s net worth spiking after such insane claims from the parody account, but only time will tell. While we wait for Amy Schumer’s net worth reports, we searched the threads for the best reactions to the whole truck-stop doppelgänger situation. Get on the road and dive into these amazing reactions to the Amy Schumer truck-stop situation. 

Of course not 

Listen buddy, it fooled some pretty smart people for a second there so maybe don’t toot your own horn so much . . . 

Can’t stop me 

We’d be lying if we tried because we’re laughing too! 

That’s me! 

The resemblance is pretty uncanny . . . 

Not how that works 

Yeah, it really isn’t . . . 


Understatement of the century, but you do you. 


It’s a hilarious work of art, we’ll give it that much. 


Rule 38 of the internet, that’s all we’ll say about that. 

Coming through! 

Apparently so. Maybe stay off the road for a little while . . . 

Very good 

You can almost see him wringing his hands in maniacal joy . . . 


Pretty much everyone’s reaction in a nutshell. 

What are your thoughts on the truck-stop situation and how do you think it’ll affect Amy Schumer’s net worth? Drop them below in the comments before we hit the road again! 

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