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Here are all the recent Netflix Originals female comedy specials and whether you should check it out or simply check out instead.

By now you’ve hopefully hate watched the shit out of 'I Feel Pretty 'with as much zeal as Greta Gerwig did last month. In an effort to make

Amy Schumer’s latest movie, 'I Feel Pretty', is here to inspire us all to love our bodies the way they are, while somehow negating the body positivity movement.

Despite throwing out some of the most aggressively dull performances of recent times, for some reason model-turned-actor Emily Ratajkowski has bagged herself another role in Anthony Byrne’s forthcoming

After receiving immediate backlash from the audience it was somehow seeking to “empower”, the Amy Schumer-starring comedy 'I Feel Pretty' has done surprisingly alright at the box office

If you caught the most recent episode of 'Black-ish', you likely witnessed the show’s impeccable parody of Jordan Peele’s 'Get Out'. Like 'Black-ish', there have been some great

Movers & shakers abound in Hollywood this Tuesday. Amy Schumer (Trainwreck) moved over for Anne Hathaway (Les Misérables) to take the lead on plastic fantastic Barbie movie over scheduling

In Edgar Wright’s biggest box office opening to date, Baby Driver has racked up $21 million after opening in over 3000 US theaters this weekend. The music-led action