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Comedian Amy Schumer has a reputation for stealing other people’s jokes. Join us as we laugh and cry at these hilarious Schumer memes.

Stop stealing jokes: Look at these hilarious Amy Schumer memes

We’re sure you all have heard about comedian Amy Schumer and her reputation for being caught time and time again for stealing other people’s jokes. Well, today, we’re going to poke some fun and turn the laughs back around on her all in light fun, of course. If you’re in the mood for some light laughs, then take a look at all the funniest Amy Schumer memes we’ve compiled from the internet here. 

Just not funny . . . 

While Amy Schumer remains as one of the most successful and well-known comedians today, she also happens to have a strong group of haters who insist that she is not as funny as people make her out to be. Let us know in the comments which side you stand on. 

A joke thief 

Unfortunately, we should risk making any Amy Schumer jokes here because for all we know, she doesn’t hesitate when it comes to stealing them. 

Not even the laugh track

Apparently, not even the laugh track agrees with this comedian’s humor. 

Stealing jokes

Again, Amy Schumer has a strong reputation for stealing other people’s jokes . . . The star would be all over that floor. 


Be careful with any jokes you make around Amy Schumer, as the comedian may just end up stealing them and using them for her next stand-up. 

Amy vs. the Joker 

We’d love to see Amy Schumer and the Joker go up back to back at an open mic stand-up comedy night. 

“Make it stop”

Clearly, she’s got some pretty opinionated haters. 

The floor

Like we’ve said before, Amy Schumer would be all up on that floor . . . .

The comedy at home

Apparently, Amy Schumer is the equivalent of finding nothing but bread and peanut butter in your pantry when your mom says you can’t get drive-thru food because there’s “already food at home”. 

One too many genitalia jokes

Seriously, what’s up with all those vagina jokes? 

Do you find Amy Schumer funny, and do you also believe she’s popular from stealing other people’s jokes? Let us know what your opinions are in the comments. 

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