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Smartwatches are an incredibly versatile and useful gift. Here are some different smartwatch designs to get for your father as a gift.

6 Best Smartwatches to gift your father on this Father’s Day

Smartwatches are getting smarter day by day and more useful for every age. It not only provides calories burned throughout the day but can provide you much detail. Now, there are ECG tracking smartwatches present in the market which helps people a lot. It gives you call control on the wrist and entertainment for dull moments. 

Due to all of these features, smartwatches become a perfect gift for Father’s Day. It can help them in keeping track of their health and also works as a regular watch to keep track of time. So, here is a list of the best smartwatches to give your dad.

Apple Watch Series 6

When it comes to smartwatches, Apple never disappoints. It is the first name that comes to mind while discussing smartwatches. So, it’s obvious that it will be on the list. It comes with a price tag of around $399 and brings a plethora of features. It is capable of generating ECG similar to a single-lead electrocardiogram. Apple Watch Series 4 and above gives the user the ability to record ECG on demand, something that made Apple stand out from the rest. ECG helps both the user and doctors with a detailed report.

Built-in oxygen measurement is another major feature that Apple provides. It represents the oxygen absorbed and delivered to your body. It monitors your blood oxygen level throughout the day and can be taken on demand also. There are many other features like emergency alerts, which alert you when there is something abnormal with your body. It alerts you when the heart rate goes abnormal. Other than these, there is an SOS feature that detects falls and other emergencies and calls emergency contacts. Other than these, the smartwatch comes with every smart feature you can think of, such as sleep monitoring, and workout programs.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is another option you can go for as it is a stylish and premium-looking device. The comes in classic colours and a rotating bezel for app navigation which feels pretty cool. It comes at a price of about $399.99 and provides a good experience. It provides you a built-in oxygen measurement system to monitor your spO2 levels. Galaxy Watch 3 also comes with the SOS feature which detects falls and sends SOS to your emergency contacts along with your location.

The watch lets you monitor your sleep and provide you with a detailed report about it. It records your REM cycles, deep sleep, and overall sleep time to plan for proper and healthy sleep. There are tips available on the watch to improve your sleep. Galaxy Watch is available in two sizes, 41mm and 45mm, and many watch faces to choose from.

Fitbit Sense

Fitbit is a familiar name to everyone in the smartwatch market as it provides quality watches at a very reasonable price. The Fitbit Sense is a very interesting offering from the brand and provides a feature not available in any other smartwatch in the market. It lets you record your skin temperature, a feature that is not present in any other smartwatch. The technology will still take some time to land on other smartwatches. Fitbit sense is loaded with features like stress monitoring, which helps you understand stress with its stress management scores. The watch also comes with an ECG app to assess your heart for partial fibrillation (A Fib).

Fitbit Sense comes at a reasonable price of about $299.95 and equipped with every smartwatch feature like spO2 monitoring, heart rate monitoring, and many more. It comes with a classic and modern look which gives you a stylish look.

Fitbit Versa 3

The Fitbit Versa 3, another watch from Fitbit that makes it to the list. It follows that same design language as the Fitbit Sense and is available in many colours. The watch is loaded with fitness tools to monitor your health and also comes with built-in Google assistant and Alexa support. Fitbit Versa 3 provides you a longer battery life of 6+ days and supports fast charging, it also helps you to take calls, messages, and app notifications. It also supports music for entertainment purposes.

The watch comes with 20+ goal-based exercise modes which help you to monitor your runs, swim, and other exercises. You can monitor your heart rate 24/7 with the watch and keep track of your sleep with sleep monitoring. The watch comes at $229.95, which is an exceptionally good deal for a smartwatch.

Garmin Venu 2

Garmin, the fitness wearable leader has recently launched Garmin Venu 2. It is an interesting offering from the fitness giant, the brand is famous for its quality and user experience. The new watch comes with a nice sporty look and an AMOLED display with a 416×416-pixel resolution, it comes with the Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection. The watch has features that monitor and record your heart rhythm, as well as an elevated heart rate warning. Pulse OX, a respiration rate sensor, is included in the smartwatch. Other features are women’s Health, blood oxygen saturation, hydration level, sleep control, relaxation breathing alarm, and physical age, which says your body age. Firstbeat Analytics is the company behind the latest automated features.

There are 25 preloaded sports modes on the smartwatch, including racing, swimming, surfing, walking, among many others. The smartwatch has a protection feature that detects incidents automatically. The smartwatch comes with animated exercises so you can study and do exercises on your wrists. Calories burned, floors climbed, distance travelled, intensity minutes, and more will all be tracked with the new smartwatch. 

Fossil Gen 5

Last but not least, Fossil Gen 5 is another watch to consider while buying a new smartwatch as it brings a classic look for the users. The watch looks just like any other classic watch but provides features like a smartwatch. Fossil Gen 5 is available at $295 and is worth the price. It comes with many battery modes to choose from according to your usage and also lets you customize it. The watch comes with Google’s Wear OS, so it supports every google app which makes it easier to use as you can use Google Pay to make your payments. It also comes with some other apps like Nike Run Club and Spotify, and you can load more apps as it comes with an 8GB storage.

Fossil Gen 5 also contains features like heart rate tracking, sleep tracking, activity tracking, cardio fitness tracking, and many more. You can attend calls, receive messages and notifications. It is compatible with both Android and iOS.

These were the smartwatches that would be better for gifting your father on this Father’s Day. All the Smartwatches are great and promising. Choosing any of them would be good and you will not regret buying them.

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