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If having a Fossil watch means you're on quality time, what can it do on Android? Count down the reasons why you need both your wrist!

If you are in the market for a new smartwatch, the Huawei Watch should be at the top of your list. Here's why.

Xiaomi Mibro Watch X1 is of the latest smartwatches available out in the markets at a budget price. Read our review for the new budget-friendly watch.

Smartwatches like Kore 2.0 provide more functions like fitness tracking. If you're a hardcore fitness geek, getting a Kore 2.0 is the best thing to do.

What was meant to be the best smartwatch ever, became a major letdown. See what has and hasn't changed in the latest Apple Watch Series 7 reveal.

IMILAB Smartwatch 12 is one of the finest watch brands on the market. Learn more about the IMILAB Smartwatch and its benefits here.

Smartwatches are an incredibly versatile and useful gift. Here are some different smartwatch designs to get for your father as a gift.